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ReclaiMe Has Implemented Drobo Recovery Capability

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 (10:52:54)
ReclaiMe Data Recovery Company announced that their ReclaiMe Pro software now is equipped with Drobo recovery algorithms. The recovery techniques used in ReclaiMe Pro allow to recover data from broken Drobo units like Drobo 5N, Drobo 5D, and Drobo FS.

Review: Learning Android Forensics

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 (10:03:40)
Learning Android Forensics was written by Rohit Tamma and Donnie Tindall, and aims to provide a thorough introduction to the forensic analysis of smartphones running the Android operating system, from the initial setup of a forensic workstation through to analysing some of the more important artefacts. With input from highly experienced reviewers in the digital forensics field, the book is an excellent resources for students and practitioners alike.

The idea for the book was born out of a desire to help practitioners to understand what goes on in the background when they press a 'Find Evidence' button on a forensics tool. To make this process easier, the authors have focused on free and open source tools throughout the book, which again makes it an accessible read.

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Complimentary Webinar on Secure View Mobile Forensics and Passcode Breaking

Tuesday, November 17, 2015 (15:52:06)
Susteen Inc, will hold a live webinar on Thursday, Nov. 19th for both Law Enforcement and Corporations. This webinar will go over the Secure View mobile forensics software as well as the SV Strike pincode/passcode/pattern breaking software.

Attendees will recieve a free trial of Secure View 4

Webinar: Indicators of Compromise

Tuesday, November 17, 2015 (14:35:42)
A recording of the webinar "Indicators of Compromise: What's Interesting, What's Not and What Else Is Needed" is now online and available to view here.

Join the forum discussion here.
View the webinar on YouTube here.
Read a full transcript of the webinar here.
  • Posted by: scar
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Webcast Series Covers the Key Domains for CCFP Digital Forensics Certification

Tuesday, November 17, 2015 (12:18:36)
(ISC)² offers the CCFP webcast series to help individuals become Certified Cyber Forensics Professionals (CCFP). This free webcast series includes a detailed overview of each domain, the value of certification, and how to study for the exam. The CCFP domains are drawn from various forensic and information security topics within the (ISC)² CBK. Updated annually, the following domains reflect the most up-to-date best practices worldwide, while establishing a common framework of terms and principles to discuss, debate, and resolve matters pertaining to the profession.
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Forensic Focus Forum Round-Up

Monday, November 16, 2015 (14:01:08)
Welcome to this round-up of recent posts to the Forensic Focus forums.

Should university courses include open-source or commercial software, or a mixture of both? Add your thoughts on the forum.

Forum members discuss whether it is possible to recover content from formatted RAID arrays.

Can you shed any light on why Cults14’s prefetch history is missing?

Does outsourcing purchases make your workload more challenging? Chime in on the forum.

How would you access a password-protected Word document?

Forum members discuss forensic investigation of an Xbox One.

How would you confirm that a video was created on a particular BlackBerry device?

Should manufacturers build “backdoors” for law enforcement? Have your say on the forum.
  • Posted by: scar
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UK Government Tackles Dark Web With New Cybercrime Unit

Thursday, November 12, 2015 (08:47:53)
The UK government has launched a dedicated cybercrime unit given the task of tackling serious crime rings and the sexual abuse of children online.

The Dark Web is a tiny area of the Deep Web -- a hidden area of the Internet which is not indexed by search engines -- used to conduct illegal activity as well as more legitimate purposes such as activism. In order to visit certain websites, visitors must find the correct .onion address while using the surveillance-busting Tor browser.

There are online marketplaces and forums selling everything from drugs to fake or stolen passports and weaponry, but unfortunately due to the Dark Web's concealed nature, it can also act as a place to find illegal pornography, such as child exploitation.

Now, UK law enforcement hopes to bring the Dark Web out of the shadows.

Read More (ZDNet)
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US Charges Three In Cyberfraud Targeting JPMorgan And Others

Wednesday, November 11, 2015 (13:01:28)
U.S. prosecutors on Tuesday unveiled criminal charges against three men accused of running a sprawling computer hacking and fraud scheme that included a huge attack against JPMorgan Chase & Co and generated hundreds of millions of dollars of illegal profit.

Gery Shalon, Joshua Samuel Aaron and Ziv Orenstein, all from Israel, were charged in a 23-count indictment with alleged crimes targeting 12 companies, including nine financial services companies and media outlets including The Wall Street Journal.

Read More (Reuters)
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Virtual Hard Disk Image Format – A Forensic Overview

Wednesday, November 11, 2015 (10:42:18)
by Anil Kumar

The hard disk of a VM is implemented as the files, which live on their native file systems of the host machine. MS Virtual PC & MS Virtual Server support the below mentioned types of virtual hard disk formats:

Fixed – The fixed hard disk image is that particular file, which is allocated to the virtual disk size. Say for instance, if a user has created a particular virtual hard disk of 2GB, then his machine will be creating one host file, which would be around 2GB. This space that is allocated for the data is then tracked by the structure of the footer. The complete file size is actually the hard disk size in the guest OS, added to the footer size. Due to the limitation of the size in the host file system, this type of hard disk may be somewhat limited.

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Interview With Julia Pakhomova, Chief Developer, ReclaiMe

Monday, November 09, 2015 (08:51:05)
Julia, you're Chief Developer at ReclaiMe. Could you tell our readers a bit about your role, and what an average day looks like?

Actually, ReclaiMe is not that big a company and the chief developer position is not limited to developing algorithms for data recovery and analysis. The scope of my responsibility also includes planning development strategies; that is, what area of forensic data recovery we will study next. Also, I am responsible for the technical support and based on this I suggest what to improve or add to our flagship product – ReclaiMe Pro.

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  • Posted by: scar
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