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Webinar: Uncovering Hidden Evidence from Mobile Devices with Oxygen Forensics

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 (15:31:53)
This new webinar, recorded by Tatiana Pankova of Oxygen Forensics, discusses the challenges that examiners face in obtaining and analyzing critical evidence from mobile devices. Learn how to reveal more about a suspect or victim before, during and after an incident with the solutions offered by Oxygen Forensic Suite software.

There is no need to register, you can view the webinar immediately here or on the Forensic Focus YouTube channel.

If you would like to discuss the webinar, or ask any questions, please do so in the forums here.

Forensic Focus Forum Round-Up

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 (16:29:24)
Welcome to this round-up of recent posts to the Forensic Focus forums.

Forensic acquisition of a secure boot enabled Fujitsu laptop – what is the best method?

Forum members discuss why a Windows 7 MBR system may be unable to view a Windows 8 hard drive.

Car camera forensics – where do car cameras store data, and how can it be accessed? Add your thoughts on the forum.

Forum members explain how to recover internet history from an XBOX Live hard drive using IEF.

How does Microsoft Excel encrypt passwords? Chime in on the forum.

Should we take deleted data as a sign of guilt?

Forum members discuss whether it is possible to link an SD card to a specific phone.

Forum member jhall236 asks some questions about working in forensics for his Digital Forensics AS.

Add your suggestions to the list of books that every forensics investigator should read.

Forensic Focus Forum Round-Up

Thursday, March 20, 2014 (14:42:57)
Welcome to this round-up of recent posts to the Forensic Focus forums.

Forum members discuss OSINT training and their experiences with the courses.

Is it possible to extract a single video file from a cell phone? Chime in on the forum.

Forum members provide tips for getting started with file system forensic analysis.

Blackphone – what are the implications for digital forensics? Will it be the same as analysing any other Android system?

Forum members discuss how to extract data from Android systems using ADB.

Training scenarios for Law Enforcement agents – add your suggestions in the forum.

Using EnCase to decrypt Bitlocker – how does it work?

Forum members share their tips for successful job interviews.

Accelerating Investigations Using Advanced eDiscovery Techniques (webinar)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 (14:11:07)
A recording of the recent webinar "Accelerating Investigations Using Advanced eDiscovery Techniques" presented by Paul Slater and Ady Cassidy from Nuix is now online here.

Watch this webinar to find out how to deal with large volumes of electronic evidence while balancing business demands including reduced budgets and resources, spiralling case backlogs and ever decreasing timescales.

Viewers may also wish to join the forum discussion, view the webinar on YouTube or read a full transcript.

Interview with Michael Kohn, Computer Science Graduate, University of Pretoria

Monday, March 17, 2014 (11:08:39)
Michael, you’ve recently completed an MSc in Computer Science at the University of Pretoria. What made you choose this as a field of study?

I have been interested in Information Technology and Law for quite some time. I know that there needs to be critical development in the overlap between the two disciplines. I have completed both my LLb and BSc in Computer Science. Its application to digital forensics had developed significantly over the past few years and that seemed like the best place to start with my research. In South Africa digital forensics has been used to a limited extent in that examinations of evidence have been done, but up to now have had limited exposure in court. I would like to make meaningful contributions to the legal arena in this respect...

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