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Computer Crime or Legitimate Research?

Friday, August 22, 2014 (11:20:06)
One researcher digs into Windows, discovers a flaw (and a fix), and receives $100,000 from Microsoft. Another, threatened with prosecution for alleged hacking, becomes despondent and takes his own life. At the Black Hat 2014 conference, an all-star panel discussed the tough decisions researchers have to make, and the legal landmines that can pop up.

The panel started by reviewing five significant legal landmines that could land researchers in a heap of trouble. They admitted this portion of the presentation might seem a bit dry, but encouraged attendees to hold on for full, open discussion...

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Oxygen Forensic® Passware® Analyst Acquires Protected Mobile Devices Data

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 (11:37:19)
Oxygen Forensics announces the release of Oxygen Forensic® Passware® Analyst, a new mobile forensic tool integrating Oxygen’s award-winning acquisition and analytic tools with Passware’s password recovery and data extraction.

The new tool integrates mobile acquisition, data extraction, password recovery and evidence analysis into a single smooth workflow. The newly added password recovery module engages automatically if a password-protected or encrypted data backup or image is encountered, offering smooth automatic recovery and extraction of protected data with no manual operations required.

Why are LNK Files Important to Your Digital Forensics Investigation?

Monday, August 18, 2014 (13:32:55)
LNK files are excellent artifacts for forensic investigators who are trying to find files that may no longer exist on the system they’re examining. The files might have been wiped or deleted, stored on a USB or network share, so although the file might no longer be there, the LNK files associated with the original file will still exist (and reveal valuable information as to what was executed on the system).

LNK files typically contain the following items of evidentiary value...

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How to Analyze USB Device History in Windows

Tuesday, August 12, 2014 (18:49:55)
Whether you’re a corporate examiner working an intellectual property theft, or a law enforcement investigator searching for illicit images, most forensic examiners have investigated the USB device history of a computer.

There are five key pieces of information that need to be found when investigating USB device history. With the data from each of these sources, investigators can better understand how USB devices have been used on a given system, and possibly how a suspect might have used a USB device in the commission of a crime or incident...

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Tor attack may have unmasked dark net users

Thursday, August 07, 2014 (14:07:50)
Developers of software used to access Tor - an otherwise hard-to-reach part of the internet - have disclosed that an attack on the network may have unmasked users for five months. The Tor Project said that it believed the assault was designed to de-anonymise the net addresses of people operating or visiting hidden sites. However, it said it was not sure exactly how users had been "affected". The project added that it believed it had halted the attack on 4 July.

Tor allows people to visit webpages without being tracked and to publish sites whose contents does not show up in search engines. The Tor Project said it believed that the infiltration had been carried out by two university researchers, who claimed at the start of July to have exploited "fundamental flaws" in Tor's design that allowed them to unmask the so-called dark net's users...

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