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Cybercriminal Darkode Forum Taken Down Through Global Action

Thursday, July 16, 2015 (10:34:04)
This week, law enforcement and judicial authorities worldwide have taken down the most prolific English-speaking cybercriminal forum to date: Darkode. In an international coordinated action against the hacking forum and its users, investigators from all over the world targeted cybercriminals that were using the Darkode forum to trade and barter their hacking expertise, malware and botnets, and to find partners for their next spam runs or malware attacks.

The operation was led by the FBI and supported by Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), with the involvement of law enforcement officers from 20 countries in and outside the European Union. The takedown and arrests were coordinated from command posts set up by the FBI (Pittsburgh, USA) and Europol’s EC3 (The Hague, the Netherlands).

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Nuix Appoints Paul Slater as Executive Director for EMEA Region

Thursday, July 16, 2015 (09:40:03)
Nuix, a technology company that enables people to make fact-based decisions from unstructured data, today announced it has appointed Paul Slater as Executive Director for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. Slater will be an ambassador and subject matter expert for the company throughout EMEA, oversee Nuix’s operations in the region and directly manage the UK-based team of subject matter experts and sales engineers.

Forensic Focus Forum Round-Up

Wednesday, July 15, 2015 (14:53:05)
Welcome to this round-up of recent posts to the Forensic Focus forums.

Forum members discuss password retrieval using EnCase.

How would you recover data from a ciphered NTFS after a reinstall of Windows?

What has been your experience of forensic collection in Japan? Add your thoughts on the forum.

Forum members discuss thumb drive forensics.

How would you identify and analyse a fake large capacity Micro SD?

Chip-off forensics: when and why is it useful? Add your thoughts on the forum.

Forum members discuss analysing BlackBerry deleted data.

What would you recommend to help this forum member increase their knowledge and industry experience in digital forensics?
  • Posted by: scar
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ReclaiMe's Research – Determining Timestamps On BTRFS

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 (10:41:54)
ReclaiMe Data Recovery Company announces that they have completed the research devoted to determining the reliability and accuracy of various file metadata like creation, modification, and access timestamps in modern filesystems using copy-on-write (CoW).

Cellebrite launches first standalone UFED User Lock Code Recovery Tool

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 (07:37:55)
Locked devices have been a longstanding issue for mobile examiners since the evolution of smartphone devices. More than 50% of devices seized by police are locked.*

UFED User Lock Code Recovery Tool provides you with another solution to unlock the device and reveal the password on both iOS and Android operating systems, when no other extraction methods work. Using a forensically sound brute force method, this standalone tool reveals the device’s user lock code on screen, and allows users to enter the password and access the evidence on the device, while ensuring that existing data remains intact.

Europol Dismantles Spanish Cybercrime Group

Monday, July 13, 2015 (16:46:16)
EU law enforcement agency Europol has supported the Spanish police force in an effort to take down a cyber-crime group operating with a ‘sophisticated' illegal call centre from Barcelona.

Under a joint operation codenamed ‘Walker', raids and arrests took place on 6 July in the Catalan capital.

The telecommunications-based cyber-crime in this case is classified as International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF).

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  • Posted by: scar
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Guidance Software EnCase® Wins 2015 SC Awards Europe for Best Computer Forensics

Tuesday, June 30, 2015 (14:03:43)
Guidance Software, Inc. (GUID) has had its EnCase® software named "Best Computer Forensics Solution" at the 2015 SC Awards Europe Awards. Each year, hundreds of products are entered in the Excellence Awards: Threat Solutions categories. Each product is judged by a panel representing a cross-section of SC Magazine readership, which is comprised of large, medium and small enterprises from all major vertical markets including financial services, healthcare, government, retail, education and other sectors. This recognition was the latest in a series of awards that Guidance Software has recently earned.

Guidance Software’s EnCase® software solution is a powerful, judicially accepted platform that provides the foundation for corporations, government agencies and law enforcement to conduct thorough and effective digital investigations of any kind, including intellectual property theft, incident response and compliance—all while maintaining the forensic integrity of the data.

Solution for the Jammed Motor on Hard Drives

Tuesday, June 30, 2015 (09:12:35)
Introduction of the fluid bearings hasn't completely eliminated all possibilities for the motor failures during HDD operation. Currently, the biggest problem in this area is the jammed spindle in the bearing housing.

This defect occurs mostly due to shocks or falls of HDD during the operation. Hard drives from Seagate 7200.11 and 7200.10 families are especially prone to this type of malfunction.

HddSurgery, as a company which develops tools and "know-how" solutions in data recovery, worked on solving the HDD spindle motor problem for almost two years.

Webinar: Analyzing Evidence From Mobile Devices, Including Hidden/Deleted Data

Friday, June 26, 2015 (09:18:50)
A recording of the webinar "Analyzing Evidence From Mobile Devices, Including Hidden and Deleted Data" is now online and available to view here.

Join the forum discussion here.
View the webinar on YouTube here.
Read a full transcript here.
  • Posted by: jamie
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Major Cybercrime Ring Dismantled By Joint Investigation Team

Thursday, June 25, 2015 (14:13:24)
A joint investigation team consisting of investigators and judicial authorities from six different European countries, supported by Europol and Eurojust, has taken down a major cybercriminal group during a coordinated action in Ukraine. With on-the-spot support from Europol, Austrian and Belgian law enforcement and judicial authorities, the action in Ukraine on 18 and 19 June resulted in the arrest of five suspects, eight house searches in four different cities, and the seizure of computer equipment and other devices for further forensic examination.

The aim of this JIT was to target high-level cybercriminals and their accomplices who are suspected of developing, exploiting and distributing Zeus and SpyEye malware - two well-known banking Trojans - as well as channelling and cashing-out the proceeds of their crimes.

Read More (Europol)
  • Posted by: scar
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