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Social media forensic collections - suggestions for tools/methodologies? (forum)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 (11:09:10)
I'd like to ask what tools/ methodologies people are using for admissible collection of data from social media services when you have possession of the subject's log in credentials.

Any feedback most appreciated...

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  • Posted by: jamie
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When to call a computer forensics expert in civil litigation

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 (12:06:05)
The situations when a company usually needs a computer forensics analyst involve people as much as computers. Well before a lawsuit is filed, you must often make decisions on how to deal with situations involving employees. Notification from a competitor that your new employees are accused of taking proprietary data or receiving a visit by law enforcement concerning employee misconduct are situations where you must carefully consider what your next steps should be. It is always most cost-effective to take action early to understand your company’s exposure and, at a minimum, preserve the right data...

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  • Posted by: jamie
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Using DD to image smartphones (forum post)

Monday, May 12, 2014 (16:32:40)
Depending upon your requirements dd can be useful but doesn't produce a complete image as it is known dd omits OOB (out-of-band) metadata etc.

There are other trade off methods. One that might be useful to know, which I am aware that doesn't require dd, such as using adb and overwriting the recovery partition with extract and harvesting software followed by a device reboot and directing the target device into recovery mode. Using this method and excuting the new software an image can be obtained plus the OOB metadata can be recovered too; but as said this method is at the expense of overwriting existing software in recovery partition. It is noted that very often there is no evidence in the recovery partition, which usually contains software that might be used for performing maintenance tasks...

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  • Posted by: jamie
  • Topic: Links
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Is Your Computer Forensics Investigation A Symphony Or A Circus?

Friday, December 13, 2013 (10:39:01)
Digital forensics is changing, and you should be prepared for more of it in the future, not less. The increase of cloud computing has, in some ways, reduced the instances of hard drive analyses, but the explosion in mobile devices has more than offset the need for device-level analysis for litigation and investigations. In fact, due to the wide variety of mobile devices, the myriad ways of configuring them, and the new types of data created and stored, there is an explosion in the need for qualified digital forensics. Even if you have not needed digital forensics in the past, it is increasingly likely you will in the future.

Dealing with computer forensics can be daunting, but understanding the roles of corporate counsel, outside counsel and the forensics team, and understanding best practices for a forensics investigation, can make the difference between an effective investigation and digital disaster...

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  • Posted by: jamie
  • Topic: Links
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Investigating iOS Phone Images, File Dumps and Backups

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 (15:28:50)
As of January 2013, Apple announced it had sold over 500 million iOS devices. While iOS seems to be the leading operating system for tablets worldwide, Android continues to be the leading operating system for mobile phones worldwide.

Regardless of the statistics, if you are an active forensic examiner, chances are very high you will need to conduct an examination of an iOS mobile device (if you haven’t several times already). This article will discuss some of the steps involved and areas of interest when conducting an analysis of an iOS device for Internet related activity...

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