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Exchange 2013 Enhanced Email Retention, Archiving, Legal Hold, and eDiscovery

Monday, November 26, 2012 (13:29:45)
In this day and age, email is more than just messages, calendars, and contacts for organizations, they also need the ability to address legal requirements around message retention (both keeping content or automatically deleting content by policy) along with the ability to do eDiscovery search of content throughout the enterprise as well as put content on Legal Hold. While much of this was included in Exchange 2010, what Microsoft did for Exchange 2013 (and the corresponding SharePoint 2013, Lync 2013, and Office Web Apps) greatly enhances an organizations ability to perform required tasks...

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How to report a computer crime: SQL injection website attack

Monday, November 19, 2012 (17:46:48)
In this article, we'll look at an SQL injection attack. We'll look at what offences are committed in different countries when a crime like this happens, how you should report the crime, and what evidence you can preserve. Take this scenario:

A company has a web server and associated database configured to serve dynamic content. The company has set up its website insecurely, leaving it vulnerable to input validation attacks. A cybercriminal has been hired by a competitor of the company to "take the company offline”. The cybercriminal has identified that the company website is susceptible to SQL injection, so performs a series of SQL injection attacks. This results in the deletion of a number of tables from the database, rendering the company website inoperable...

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  • Posted by: jamie
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How to report a computer crime: Unauthorised email account access

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 (13:19:55)
Do you know how to report a computer crime? Or even who you would report it to? Well, there is no one size fits all solution - it depends on the individual circumstances and where you are in the world - but we've drawn up some scenarios that are typical of some of the crimes that any computer user, at home or work, might come across. In the first of our series of articles on how to report a computer crime, we'll look at unauthorised email access, what offences are committed when a crime like this happens and how you should report it...

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  • Posted by: jamie
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5 Steps to Ensure Your Cloud Provider Is Ready for Ediscovery

Wednesday, September 26, 2012 (14:49:33)
Identifying, retrieving, and producing electronically stored information (ESI) in response to a subpoena can be a time-consuming and costly business. Processing just one gigabyte of data in response to an electronic discovery (ediscovery) request can cost at least $30,000, according to the Sedona Conference Journal. It's not surprising, then, that few cloud providers have yet addressed the issue of ediscovery responsibilities in their standard contracts. But that leaves enterprises with their ESI in the public cloud at risk...

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  • Posted by: jamie
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Book Review: Mastering Windows Network Forensics and Investigations

Wednesday, August 01, 2012 (13:01:19)
Mastering Windows Network Forensics and Investigations fills an interesting niche not well addressed in the pantheon of digital forensics resources. The material is well suited for beginning and intermediate forensic examiners looking to better understand network artifacts and go beyond single-system forensics. I highly recommend it for system administrators looking for a different perspective on network security or those interested in designing networks to be forensics-friendly. That said, the topics covered do not fit within the classical definition of network forensics. A more apt title might be Mastering Incident Response Forensics and Investigations...

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  • Posted by: jamie
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