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Elena Pakhomova, Co-Founder, ReclaiMe

Friday May 22, 2015 (09:18:09)   (377 Reads)
Elena Pakhomova
Elena, you co-founded ReclaiMe; could you tell us a bit about what made you decide to start the company?

Data recovery is our family business. Initially my sister and her husband were involved in data recovery. Then I became a part of the team. If someone long ago had said that I would do this, I would probably have laughed. However, at this point I associate myself only with this business. No wonder they say that life is unpredictable.

What does your day to day role entail? Which aspects do you find the most challenging, and the most rewarding?

Every working day starts with the support. Basically it includes some routine questions, like differences in licenses, software activation, and so on. However, sometimes we face the complex cases that cannot be resolved quickly.   more ...


Eoghan Casey, Founding Partner, CASEITE

Wednesday May 13, 2015 (15:45:03)   (452 Reads)
Eoghan, you've been in digital forensics for a long time; how did you first get into the field?

I first got into the field by accident. The husband of a friend of mine was a violent crime investigator, he was a forensic scientist who was starting to specialise in serial violent offenders, and he needed some tech support. Basically understanding evidence on the internet. And I got interested in it in terms of the social contribution, and so started to pursue that and ultimately went and specialised in intrusion investigation for a while, but also helped criminal investigators as best my time could allow. And ultimately that's my interest, I've now maybe split it out: one foot into the network intrusion side and one in the criminal. Which is nice, I like being able to do both.   more ...


Liwei Ren, Scientific Advisor, Trend Micro

Tuesday May 05, 2015 (10:20:13)   (779 Reads)
Liwei Ren
Liwei, you're Scientific Advisor at Trend Micro. Could you tell our readers a bit about your role, and what an average day looks like?

I have multiple responsibilities. Internally, I work with a few R&D teams as an adviser for developing novel security technologies powered by mathematical models and advanced algorithms, and I also help introduce cutting-edge technologies to the company through continuous follow-ups and technology evaluation in relevant fields. I visit other R&D centers in Taipei and Nanjing a few times a year for collaborative projects. During the visit, I always conduct a few seminars at Trend University (an internal education program) to share the most recent technologies since I am based in Silicon Valley. In addition, I own an interesting research project in the area of byte-wise approximate matching that aims at building a framework for byte-wise file matching, searching and clustering.   more ...


Mary Aiken, Cyberpsychologist, RSCI

Thursday April 30, 2015 (09:52:57)   (918 Reads)
Mary Aiken (Photo:CBS)
Mary, you're currently Professor and Director at the RCSI's CyberPsychology Research Centre. Tell us a bit about your role and what a typical day looks like.

I am a CyberPsychologist and Director of the RCSI CyberPsychology Research Centre, I am a Distinguished Professor of the Practice of Cyber Analytics of the Asia-Pacific Institute for Resilience and Sustainability (AIRS), which is jointly anchored at Swansea University’s Network Science Research Centre and Hawaii Pacific University.

The CyberPsychology Research Centre exists to provide analysis, insight and leadership in understanding the benefits, risks and applications of current and emerging human-technology interfaces. Our vision is that our research centre will become a global leader in producing research and supporting education and intervention at the intersection of psychology and technology.   more ...


Bruno Kerouanton, CISO of the Republic and Canton of Jura, Switzerland

Thursday April 23, 2015 (10:27:15)   (819 Reads)
Bruno Kerouanton
Bruno, you're CISO of the Republic and Canton of Jura in Switzerland. Could you tell us a bit about your job and what a typical day involves?

Sure. As Chief Security Officer for cybersecurity I'm involved in ensuring security of the state. That means we have mostly 100 locations and 400 applications, for example schools, healthcare industry, roads, taxes, police and so on. So the perimeter I have to secure is quite broad. The problem we have is that I have to check all the risks involving this perimeter and also understand the needs of the business, because every business has different needs. So we have to match guidelines also from the Swiss Confederation, and ISO 27001 standards, to define policies and roles. So that's my main job and that takes a lot of time because we have to be compliant.   more ...