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Vladimir Katalov, CEO, Elcomsoft

Saturday February 28, 2015 (19:59:55)   (741 Reads)
Vladimir Katalov
Vladimir, please tell us about your role as CEO of ElcomSoft. What does your day-to-day work entail?

To be honest, "CEO" does not actually reflect what I am doing. I'm taking care of quite a lot of things: strategic development, product roadmap, testing & QA, marketing, sales, even technical support, and much more. I should confess that I am involved in all processes in our company, from development and up to trainings and HR. And yes, I’m the one to give interviews as well Smile If you wake me up in the middle of the night (please don’t!) and ask any question about any of our products, I can’t help but start answering.   more ...



Rob Maddox, Director of Global Training, Magnet Forensics

Tuesday November 25, 2014 (13:55:45)   (1055 Reads)
Rob Maddox
Rob, please tell us about your role as Director of Global Training at Magnet Forensics.

My role as the Director of Global Training for Magnet Forensics encompasses several unique yet interconnected responsibilities, which include training development and delivery; business development; de facto sales and marketing representation; and product development.

First and foremost, I have been responsible for developing the new 3-day IEF Essentials course. I basically spent the first two months in my new position locked in my office, surviving on energy drinks and microwave meals, while working on the new curriculum. Once I had the “beta” version ready, I delivered this to a select group of subject matter experts (SMEs) from the digital forensics community, and used their feedback to further revise the course into its current format and content. Once I felt the course was ready, I began delivering the new 3-day IEF Essentials class internationally in October.   more ...


Stuart Clarke, Director of Cybersecurity and Investigation Services, Nuix

Monday October 06, 2014 (09:48:23)   (2381 Reads)
Stuart Clarke
Stuart, please tell us more about your role as Director of Cybersecurity and Investigation Services at Nuix.

My role covers three main areas: product development, support and training, and advisory to the United Nations’ International Telecommunications Unit (ITU).

Having used Nuix since 2008 as an industry practitioner working on a data breach cases, I knew Nuix had the power, flexibility and potential to do more. I was lucky enough to receive the backing of Nuix to explore this potential and spearhead Nuix’s product development in the incident response and cybersecurity space. I’m focused on everything from our collection technology, to enhancing the Nuix Engine and growing the investigator features. This role is fairly technical; I write scripts and create proof of concepts to initiate a new features in the product roadmap. Working with the Nuix development team is a hugely rewarding experience.   more ...


Emlyn Butterfield, Course Leader in Computer Forensics, Leeds Metropolitan University

Thursday August 14, 2014 (14:18:57)   (1539 Reads)
Emlyn Butterfield
Emlyn, you’re currently Course Leader in Computer Forensics, Security & Ethical Hacking at Leeds Metropolitan University. Could you tell us more about the role and how you entered academia?

As course leader it is my responsibility to maintain a healthy set of courses. By healthy I mean happy students, staff, good student intakes each year and courses that are fit for purpose. I, along with my team, try to ensure that the courses are designed and refreshed in line with industry: to allow us to do this we utilise industry experts as advisors, providing ideas and critical feedback on the teaching material, assessments and methods – through this we try to ensure that students receive a varied and relevant learning experience.   more ...


Arnim Eijkhoudt, Lecturer in Digital Forensics, University of Applied Sciences

Tuesday August 05, 2014 (18:34:56)   (1066 Reads)
Arnim Eijkhoudt
Arnim, please tell us about your role as a lecturer in digital forensics, and how you first became interested in the field.

I've been fascinated with 'tinkering' with computers from a young age: figuring out why things (don't) work, reverse-engineering, reconstructing what happened and so on. Therefore, it was natural for me to turn to the fields of Forensics and Security after I studied Informatics and became a lecturer. Before 2007 I was already incorporating Computer Security-related topics into my lectures and classes where possible. From 2007 to 2013, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the University of Amsterdam have offered a joint Minor in Forensic Intelligence & Security (MINFIS).   more ...