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new guy on the block

Discussion of computer forensics employment and career issues.
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new guy on the block

Post Posted: Jul 01, 05 03:05

hi all,

i see we have a few self employed forensic folk in this place.

i have a 6 year background in desktop support
novell netware/groupwise administration/engineering.
cisco router/switch coordination and web content filtering.

i was recenting asked to be the chief security officer for this 700 user 30 site agency for the state of WV. i have recently been givin the opportunity to take an ec-council CHFI training course. my employers are hoping that this certification along with my experience will stand up in a possible greivance hearing.

is anyone familiar with this cert? will it hold weight in the industry?  


Re: new guy on the block

Post Posted: Jul 25, 05 23:08

did i say something offensive?

is it my name?

thanks anyway.  


Re: new guy on the block

Post Posted: Jul 26, 05 04:39

Nothing offensive there. I think one issue is that most of the certs in this area are fairly new, and it might be somewhat difficult to determine how people will take any individual certification. Do you have other certifications besides this one to fall back on? Experience is important, but many people fail to understand this.

Is your employer paying for the training? I can't tell you much about how this cert will hold up in a grievance hearing, because specific cases would be handled differently. But I certainly see no harm in obtaining the certification and the training.  


Re: new guy on the block

Post Posted: Jul 26, 05 05:24


yes my employers is paying. i first tried to get into the encase cert class, but my employer was not willing to pay 15 to 30k for the software. so they said they would send me to CFHI. funny thing is i get to training this week and we are using encase..lol. figures.

i have my a+, net+, sec+,cna. working on CHFI and CCNA.

i dont think i would ever have to go to a civil or criminal trial. not here anyway but me investigating could be grieved by a dismissed or suspended employee.

i just know the first question out of a lawyer's mouth will be, "what certification do you have?".

like i said though i am here in dallas now taking the class.
if anyone is interested i will post some of the topics and tools discussed in this class.

i am training @ globalnet training. well known for cisco training. the ceo/trainer is todd lammle the best selling cisco sybex author.  


Re: new guy on the block

Post Posted: Jul 26, 05 16:57

Do it. The other certs, combined with the training (not to mention the Lammle name) would be excellent assuming the questioner understands what they mean. I would be interested in more info concerning what is discussed as well, thanks.  


Re: new guy on the block

Post Posted: Jul 29, 05 19:45

hey arch,

i passed it today with a 92.45%. woo woo!!

i would be willing to discuss the material with you, but i wonder if we shouldn't do that via IM or private forum? maybe e-mail?

let me know!!

also i just found out that Ec-Council has a cert that is backed/endorsed by the FBI. CLPT "Certified Licensed Penetration Tester".
I will first need to complete the Certified Ethical Hacker!  

Senior Member

Re: new guy on the block

Post Posted: Jul 29, 05 21:31

A certification has nothing to do with your ability to testify or speak intelligently about the subject at hand.

The CV that you form will have all the classes you have attended, papers you have authored, classes you have taught, colleges you have attended, degrees you have obtained, etc. There are lots people who have no certifications relating to CF and are among some of the best in the business.

My feeling has always been your certs are only as good as the people who say you are qualified.
Why order a taco when you can ask it politely?

Alan B. "A man can live a good life, be honorable, give to charity, but in the end, the number of people who come to his funeral is generally dependent on the weather. " 

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