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Legal counsel on retainer

Discussion of computer forensics employment and career issues.
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Senior Member

Legal counsel on retainer

Post Posted: Jan 02, 07 00:41

I was having a discussion with some work associates and the topic of -- Value of legal counsel on retainer for Computer Forensic business, was being argued.

I am curious to know the opinion of people that are self employeed, operate or manage a CF business, or are employee's of CF business. Do you feel having a Legal Advisor on retainer is valuable to your business?
If so, what type of retainer, consulting only [legal advise only], legal advice and guaranteed representation, or some other type arrangement.

Or do you include legal representations obligatory statements in your contracts, such as, the contactor (person hiring your services) shall be responsible for all legal fee's incurred by the contactee (computer forensic analyst) orginating from the performance of the contracted services (computer forensic services).

Personally, I think this is necessary if it can be afforded. Does anyone have any "quid pro quo" type arrangements.

Any thoughts or comments!
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Senior Member

Re: Legal counsel on retainer

Post Posted: Jan 02, 07 07:40

We have an Atty on staff who mainly practices in Fed courts, but also assists if there are any business questions like COI, authority, case law, etc.

I think it is a good idea at the very least to have an Atty on retainer for say $1k, that way you can get 1/4 hour calls in for quick answers to questions.

If you ever get to the point where you are suing an atty (which I had to do in Cook County) there are big problems. Not a bad idea to have the Atty review any documents you are going to have people to sign.
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