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Discussion of computer forensics employment and career issues.
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Post Posted: Feb 08, 07 17:51

Just curious if there are many cf people from Australia on the forums and if so what is the job situation like in Australia for a newly trained cf person with some experience.

I have relatives over there and the misses would love to emigrate, but not sure how I would cope job wise.  


Re: Emigration

Post Posted: Feb 15, 07 06:15

Hi hawkwind-can't give you an exact rundown but I know from talking to a fellow pommy the other day about job opps here, they're on the rise. One sepcfiic reason he gave was the fact that not many people here have yet specialised in the area(all relative to other countries ie US\UK).
As far as I can tell, there are no specific degree course like elsewhere(at least I can't find one). That said, the market here for anything is much smaller(20 million people) so maybe it all balances out.
This guy I spoke to works for the ATO(Tax Office) and was just on a recruitment drive. He also said that LE forces here are stepping up their search for people with skills as the whole area becomes more of a concern and attracts more budget. I've just applied for a job with one, in fact.
Also, the life here is beautiful and it is a balmy 24C as I type this from work in Brisbane. And you don't understand how much pleasure I get from reminding the Aussies that we beat them on Sunday. Hah! Priceless.
You might miss watching the Potters of a Saturday but damn, it's worth it.
Bring sunnies and flip flops and you're made.  


Re: Emigration

Post Posted: Feb 15, 07 19:36

Thanks for the reply elmurado.

It sounds brilliant especially when its grey, wet and about 9C here which is freakishly warm for this time of year.

We do have relatives over their which would make the move easier and I think it will be something to consider in the future for certain.

PS good luck with the job application  

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