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Starting CF division

Discussion of legislation relating to computer forensics.
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Senior Member

Starting CF division

Post Posted: Dec 07, 07 21:20

Can anyone tell me where to start in regards of starting a CF division within our company? We have several clients in the past that have needed these services, and we're interested in starting a division. I DO HAVE forensics experience, but I'm not sure about the type of licensing we need to be legal, if we even need a license because we're a privately owned company, and what other legal issues we need in order to provide this type of service to our customers.

I've decided that I would set up an IRT first, but once we offer that service, forensics would/should be the next logical step since we deal with multiple companies.

Any places I could go to learn how to start this up?


Senior Member

Re: Starting CF division

Post Posted: Dec 07, 07 21:32

Hmm. Kinda depends on the business goals of your company. Could be a good addition, could be a money sink hole. Either way, your call, just a caution to consider. I'm also assuming you know the laws in your state and that you'll consult with your legal before continuing. A note: I don't that it'll matter if your privately owned or not, if licensure is an issue in your state, it's an issue for you. Again, your legal team will help.

Yahoo Groups has a Litigation Support Group that might be another good place for you to monitor. A lot of us come at forensics from the IT view -- these folks are from the legal services view and I've gotten a lot of perspective just lurking.

Good question John, I'll look forward to other answers.

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