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YouTube Videos

Forensic software discussion (commercial and open source/freeware). Strictly no advertising.
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YouTube Videos

Post Posted: Oct 12, 17 18:59

I am looking for a tool which will allow me to download a you tube video for the purpose of preservation and perhaps a future presentation in court.

I know that there are plenty of free tools out there, but I'm looking to hear from your experience - since its a criminal case which requires the usage of forensically accepted tools - what tool would you recommend to use here?

Thank you  

Senior Member

Re: YouTube Videos

Post Posted: Oct 12, 17 19:09

For the initial capture I would use Camtasia. However, if it is a criminal case I would be obtaining a copy from YouTube through legal process along with subscriber info, IP log and a certificate of record.

I'm not a cellular technology expert, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. 

Senior Member

Re: YouTube Videos

Post Posted: Oct 12, 17 19:20

Several separate (but ultimately interconnected) issues here: acquisition, preservation, presentation.

Disclaimer: Video is NOT my area of expertise...BUT...

A scan-converter hooked up to a computer which can play the video is a straightforward method for recording reliably, with the added bebefit that it typiclaly renders the video into 'DVD format' which improves the compatibility of the product with the kind of equipment which a court will typically have. This will be slow as it required the video to play in its fullness, but the method can;t really be argued with as it is transparent.

If a court has a problem with this method, then they effectively have a problem with the entire foundational nature of using VHS/DVDs as recording media.

My previous employer would use this kind of technology as standard to 'evidence' CCTV footage, convert obscure codecs/formats into somehting more compatible etc.

An easy and more 'digital' (but not "forensic") solution would be something like the Firefox plugin 'VideoDownloadHelper'. It can save to a variety of formats which can help with compatibility. I've used it quite a bit in non-work related circumstances and found it to be very reliable. It's something I'd personally be quite happy to defend the use of, in the box.

Preservation is an entirely different (and ultimately straightforward) procedure - once downloaded/recorded etc., burn to CD/DVD/other WORM technology and keep good notes of what was done. Produce the DVD as an item of evidence and write a statement detailing what you have done. Book it onto case database/management system, exhibit record system etc. (whatever it is you use)

In terms of subsequent presentation, keep it simple - get a laptop with an HMDI output (and a variety of suitable HDMI->other adapters for connecting to a TV etc.) and VLC installed and all should be well.

Hope this helps!

Course Leader BSc Computer and Digital Forensics
School of Science, Engineering and Design
Teesside University 


Re: YouTube Videos

Post Posted: Oct 12, 17 20:08

Thank you for your answer!  

Senior Member

Re: YouTube Videos

Post Posted: Oct 12, 17 20:22


Senior Member

Re: YouTube Videos

Post Posted: Oct 14, 17 13:35

Plenty of screencapture tools around like Fraps and similar tools that can record a customizable window or an entire screen to many formats.  


Re: YouTube Videos

Post Posted: Nov 01, 17 11:37

I have had some pretty good luck with X1 Social Discovery, but haven't had an expert case go to trial in the US where it was the underlying forensic tool in the matter.
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