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Please, help to resolve this.

Computer forensics discussion. Please ensure that your post is not better suited to one of the forums below (if it is, please post it there instead!)
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Re: Please, help to resolve this.

Post Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 12:35 pm

Our Lab and the second Lab involved, hold a meeting with some EU officials.
They are carefully informed about the illegal practices of the Greek Official Forensic Lab, and the unbelivable illegalities of the Greek official cyber crime police unit. They are also informed about the widespread illegal forensic practices of the Greek police cyber crime unit.
Our arguments are very carefully noticed.

We also inform these EU officials, that Greek judiciary is totally scornful about EVERY single forensic principle, which rules the admissibility of the forensic evidences in court.
We ARE INFORMED, that Greece DOES not possesses forensic criteria of admissibility of the forensic evidences in court. All is a matter of the "moral third sense of the judge". We express excitement and horror.

We INSIST about the necessity of thoroughly information of all 26 EU cyber crime units of the EU members states. We insist about rejecting any kind of cooperation with the Greek official Police cyber crime unit and Greek Official Forensic Lab, until they fully complain with the official and basic forensic principles of investigation.

The OLAF investigate, and EU will fill indictment against some Greek officials in Athens about gross financial embezzling of EU financial funds. Investigations are going on.

We continued our fight about the fair and legal use of our beloved forensic science. And the fight for the man, who start all this.  

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Re: Please, help to resolve this.

Post Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 4:11 pm

We read some very interesting info. And laugh very loudly.

From the Official Greek Forensic Lab "expertise":

" We make a copies using a very famous and very known software".
" We conclude, that our equipment does not contains foreign data". How ? is not mentioned- it is a mystery!
" The time is what the user choose"- What in reality the user choose? is not mention anywhere. Actually, ALL MAC times are unknown.
" We extract THIS program activity"- The exact "activities" are not mentioned, and the software is absent- NO DATA< NO FILES< NO software at all.
" We extract activities form the "Chrome" browser, and from the "Goggle Chrome" browser". Do someone here knows "Chrome" browser to exist? We know- "Google Chrome" browser. Actually, there was not a Google Chrome, either "Chrome" actually installed on the disk mentioned. Either deleted!
"Safari is 2nd in popularity Windows OS browser"- statement is this!

From the policemen unlawful search and "examination" affidavit :
" The defendant do this, do that"- from the official forensic report, there is no any evidences exist to support these statements. Actually, about two of these, the software needed to "do this, do that" IS NOT PRESENT- even deleted- no trace whatsoever. IN ANY DISK confiscated!

Some dialogues in court- first court:

DL- a defendant lawyer
J- Judge [ sarcastic and totally prejudiced]
Prosec -Prosecutor

DL" We insist the policemen to tell us, which exactly forbidden sites the defendant visited and when? And-form the forensic report-please show us the forensic proof of all this EXACTLY "?

P: " Yes, he visited, he visited... and downloaded material from them".
DL: " The names of the sites pls, and the correspondent forensic data? Which files he obtains and when?"

P: 'Aaa, visited, visited. If not visited, form where he obtain these forbidden 10 files"? [the CP files in question in this case are summarily 10, all]

J: "Mr. [lawer's name] If he not visited, how he obtain the files? VISITED... VISITED. There is no other way someone to obtain these files. If they are present, the defendant visited "these" sites."

DL: " But, your honor, there is no data at all to support all this false statements! Where is the forensic proof?"

J: "Proofs? I DO NOT NEED forensic proofs - here I see 10 files - i.e. - HE visited forbidden, sites and take the files in question from there. I already make conclusions by circumstantial evidences and by application the moral rule of evidences"- probably you do not know- in Greece, there is a such things like "moral principle of the evidences" and various nebula type of "conclusions", with which the Greek judiciary suits themselves and make any kind of fabrications type "virtual reality" possible. Actually, they support whatsoever they pleased. When someone ask- "This? from where this is proved?" the answer is " I make my conclusions applying "the moral principle of evidence and the evidential criteria of existence".

DL: " But, your honor, the defendant computer is not able to write to this disk, because he have a MacOSX system- the disk is a NTFS disk!"

Prosec " Yes, I know this, BUT In a meantime, i call my friend, and ask him " It is possible?". And he tell me- by implementing some approaches-ALL is possible!"

DL: "And, Mr. Prosecutor, WHICH of all of these approaches the defendant uses? Because, there is no forensic proof ANY approaches of this sort to be present in this case"

Prosec: "You are so boring with all these question! I'm not so competent in forensic matters."

DL: " AND HOW then you Mr. Prosecutor support all this nonsense- you just confess, that you are irrelevant about forensic matters".

Prosec: " I accepted the REAL EVENTS. The forensic side of the case is irrelevant to me."

DL: "Mr. prosecutor, WHAT "real events" without real forensic events is possible ever to exist? It IS possible? there is no "real event in computer forensics" without according to them "forensic artifacts". You understand this Sir, or no?"

Prosec: " I judge the real events, implementing my highly moral standards. Look at the real events!".

DL: " "Real events"? black cat in the dark room, especially when there is no cat in the dark room?"

DL: " Hm... Judge, your Honor, In this court it is unbelievable to hear someone to make a such statements ".

J: "WHY?? We have very high moral standards".

DL: " BUT, this is forensic science? How these are applied??"

Judge- "Half an hour interim for coffee".  


Re: Please, help to resolve this.

Post Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2019 4:35 pm

Some fresh news.

After two other private labs here in December of 2018 mentioned, that they was ALSO approached in the past by some corrupted Greek high ranking persons for more elaborate "information" and tricks, about how to frame peoples with false forensic data (the info is about two old Greek cases- one of them- about famous Greek blogger/journalist, who was framed by the Greek Cyber Crime Unit with false accusation of "possession", because he post some political info on his blog, and must be punished), a full scale investigation here is started.

We also learned, that the now fired old Greek Cyber Crime Unit chief Sfakianakis in person call various persons, members of some official Greek "black lists" in the past, and threatened them with "prosecution" if hey do not follow the "right line". The prosecutions Sfakianakis tells them will begin with sudden visit and "seizure" of their digital data (the rest is for your imagination-i.e what will be "find" by the "inspections").

The 4 labs written full account about the cases to our Justice Ministry. We had also a series of meetings. Our lawyers was present too.
We also talk with our old EU contacts about what will be needed.
ALL private forensic labs here was warned NOT TO DO business with any Greek official and/or non-official forensic Lab.  


Re: Please, help to resolve this.

Post Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 2:59 am

Toda raba for reporting in detail and giving an update. Your case seem to be very difficult so I hope you can relax in this chaos.  

Senior Member

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