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iOS 12.1 Forensics Imaging

Discussion of forensic issues related to all types of mobile phones and underlying technologies (GSM, GPRS, UMTS/3G, HSDPA, LTE, Bluetooth etc.)
Subforums: Mobile Telephone Case Law
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Senior Member

Re: Jericho Wall - lets ruin

Post Posted: Dec 30, 18 23:57

Call me cynical, but it appears a single person is having a conversation with themselves using two different accounts. Rolling Eyes  


Re: Jericho Wall - lets ruin

Post Posted: Dec 31, 18 02:01

I am still waiting for others really wanting to contribute or join the initial request. Are you familiar with iOS 12 Security?  


Re: Jericho Wall - lets ruin

Post Posted: Dec 31, 18 02:06

Here the link to the Apple official iOS 12.1 Security document


Does anybody know where the find the previos iOS versions guides? Apple removes them I guess.  


Re: Jericho Wall - lets ruin

Post Posted: Jan 03, 19 18:10

Who did study the iOS 12 Security Guide and want to join this topic?  


Re: Jericho Wall - lets ruin

Post Posted: Jan 05, 19 12:50

I wholeheartedly support community efforts to progress iOS unlocking, just remember:
1. Apple will read anything you post here and patch away any problems/issues you will find and talk about in public.
2. Apple really did do a very thorough job and invested countless resources into designing (and re-designing) and implementing these data protection measures into phones, advancing with each iOS version and hardware generation. It is very well protected.
3. You're mixing some very different challenges, each of which broken is a groundbreaking achievement on their own:
- Passcode bruteforce (bypassing SEP enforcement / breaking crypto / whatever)
- USB restricted mode bypass (running code on a locked device)
- PAC bypass (breaking the crypto?)
If you do decide to progress in the open, I'd suggest focusing on one challenge to begin with, and wish you the best of luck.  


Re: Jericho Wall - lets ruin

Post Posted: Jan 13, 19 09:27

I am aware of Apple and also the 3 different questions impact. But first we have to solve a general problem.

How can we OPENLY collaborate without Apple OBSERVING?

See my subject. The wall first has to be analyzed, how to break this dilemma.

Good crypto withstands all breaking and is open as open, everybody can read on iacr.org about the news.

So, lets discuss how to break the dilemma of O and O, openly.  

Senior Member

Re: Jericho Wall - lets ruin

Post Posted: Jan 13, 19 21:03


My personal opinion: Generally speaking ForensicFocus.com "focuses" on forensic imaging and analysis of electronic evidence rather than cracking encryption.

Having said that, I am aware many members of ForensicFocus have specialized encryption cracking capabilities (PassCodeUnlock for one) not available to the general public.

I rely upon my forensic software companies to develop decryption and security by-pass capabilities and believe that my annual software maintenance payments go to support the development of such.

As a U.S. citizen I am actually happy that Apple has such excellent encryption technology to protect the job security of Apple employees. I personally have no interest in activities that could potentially risk Apple's company health even though I do not work for Apple (I do not own their stock either).

Please do not be offended by my interpretation of your desire to "ruin Apple's Jericho Wall" but one could interpret such desires as a desire to destabilize Apple the company, which I personally vehemently oppose.

Perhaps your efforts might be better served working for a company such as Elcomsoft or Cellebrite, etc.?  

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