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Looking for Someone to Save my Sanity With a Video File

A forum for discussions not related to digital forensics!
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Looking for Someone to Save my Sanity With a Video File

Post Posted: Jan 28, 19 15:38

I'm sorry for coming on here as a non-professional but I'm looking for someone to save my sanity or at least point me in the right direction. As an industrial cleaner, the true story goes that I made an allegation against a colleague of him doing his business in the window bucket and as you know, you shouldn't let an allegation of that nature out without evidence. It stopped him from doing it but as you can imagine, this hasn't gone down well with where I work and to make matters worse he started doing it again though this time in the mop bucket after I left a note lying round that could be seen as me slating my supervisor when taken out-of-context.

Instead of trying to defend myself, I decided to take it upon myself to take matters into my own hands by buying the Zetta 16 spycam which I rested on a stack of tape boxes and lined it up with a hole I made in a pad-locked toolbox then I wedged it between a cabinet and a wall. To my utter dismay, because I didn't improvise it, the hole turned out to be too small as it didn't get his face whilst he was doing his act. It shows his face elsewhere in the video which is thankfully on the same file because the video was recorded in 15-minute segments but he goes off screen before he proceeds with his act.

You'll see what I mean when you see the video below so I can't prove it was him because I could be accused of editing the video by replacing the video where he's doing it masquerading as him to frame him as we both have a similar physique. I tried to get him again by improvising it which I should've done in the first place and made the hole bigger, but he spotted it before I had the opportunity.

I'm just looking for a way to expertly verify that the file has not been edited or for an expert to tell me that it's not been because the prices for video forensics are too prohibitively expensive for me as I'm only a cleaner then I could say to anyone who accuses me of editing it that if I fooled an expert I don't think I'd be a cleaner do you? If anyone can help me thank you very much in advance. Please note it automatically goes to night vision (B&W) when he stands in front of it to do his act.


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Re: Looking for Someone to Save my Sanity With a Video File

Post Posted: Jan 29, 19 01:28

Sounds like the behavior would continue - just record again but set it up properly.

BTW Didn't watch the video, no way I'm clicking on it.
Don't get baited. 


Re: Looking for Someone to Save my Sanity With a Video File

Post Posted: Jan 29, 19 15:40

Thank you very much for your reply but you don't see anything near the end of the video because the tools which are in the way hide his appendage though as the sound's amplified on the device you can clearly hear what he's doing. I uploaded it to Google Drive because if you download the file it's the same as it was uploaded so it's the raw file. That's the problem with recording it again I don't know where to put it now and what I also got wrong is I bought the wrong spycam which has a wide angle lens when from what I now understand you only need them for big rooms though this is only a small room. I should've bought the Zetta 15 spycam which has a millimetre lens then I wouldn't have needed to have made the hole bigger anyway. You're right that the behaviour's continuing and I suspected he must've been using something to transfer it to the mop bucket after spotting the cam so I set it up just to record the sound as I don't know where to put it without it being seen. On listening to the recording, my suspicions were confirmed because I heard pouring. I think he takes it ouside now anyway on last trying.  

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Re: Looking for Someone to Save my Sanity With a Video File

Post Posted: Feb 08, 19 20:59

I put it through the free forensic software, Video Cleaner and the video information is it's 18000 frames for the 15-minute file and 10800000 samples in length as are the other 15-minute files which make up the video so I'm wondering if that's the clincher to say that it's not been edited or at least it would be hard for someone who's not an expert to do it? This is because as samples can't be perceived because they're at a fraction of a second if that I'm not aware of editing software that would make the resultant file that exact amount of samples to reflect the other files. The files are also date and time-stamped helps?  


Re: Looking for Someone to Save my Sanity With a Video File

Post Posted: Apr 13, 19 19:36

Update: I tried 2 pieces of editing software the built-in Windows Media Centre and Nero. I can make a 15-minute video file, but Windows Media Centre only supports Windows Media Video files and I can't make the video 20fps which is what the video was the same also goes for Nero so the only question remains is that is there any editing software that supports 20fps? I'd be ever-so-thankful if someone could please answer my question of if it would be hard to edit and the file is .avi with to my understanding a .mjeg video container. Just wondering if this is a built-in security feature that makes it hard to edit. Thank you  

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