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Accident blurred registration plate

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Accident blurred registration plate

Post Posted: Feb 17, 20 18:40

A month ago my 17 yr old sons car was hit with a large sheet of metal which flew off of of the back of an open trailer, the driver didn’t stop and we can’t read the the reg plate of the 4x4 on the dashcam footage. Numerous people have contacted me suggesting the same owner of a local vehicle, however we can’t read the reg plate to prove who the vehicle belongs to.

We have slowed down the dashcam footage, changed the colour, light and made mono, but still can’t see the reg. I have seen online some software that kind of layers and changes the angle of the plate so you can view blurred registration plates?

I’m just wondered if anyone knew of any software that I could use that might help me be able to read the reg plate?

This is a link to the video


Many thanks  

Senior Member

Re: Accident blurred registration plate

Post Posted: Feb 17, 20 20:47

I don't think that you can get any readable number from that footage. Sad

The recording car is going at 47 MPH, and most probably the car with the trailer is running at the same speed, which makes roughly 100 MPH, there are not enough frames for that kind of speed, and unfortunately there is a dashboard (or wipers?) reflex that makes the last frames (the ones with the incoming car closer, hence with a larger view of the plate, very blurry).

The best frame I could find is a little earlier and all I could extract is an image where the plate (additionally with poor contrast) is 66x21 pixels. too few to do IMHO anything.

Maybe you can do better with the original, in any case, bar Amped 5 (which is a professional software that is very costly and that is - I believe - only sold to LEO's), you can try Smartdeblur, here is the (old) freeware version:
and here an updated (Commercial) version:

Test it (the freeware version) on this image (actually coming from Amped), to see what it can do:

Parameters for that image Motion Blur (roughly/range):
angle: 25-40°
smooth: 35-50%

Best (exact):
angle: 33°
smooth: 44%

- In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is. - 


Re: Accident blurred registration plate

Post Posted: Feb 17, 20 21:36

Thank you so much for spending the time to help me.
I will give this a try, it’s really kind of you.
Thanks again. Smile  

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