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Forensic Focus - Forensic Examiner, GS-11/12 (EX) - Sacramento, CA, US - Digital Forensics Forums Digital Forensics Job Vacancies - Forensic Examiner, GS-11/12 (EX) - Sacramento, CA, US

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Digital Forensics Job Vacancies

Forensic Examiner, GS-11/12 (EX) - Sacramento, CA, US

Forensic Examiner, GS-11/12 (EX) - Sacramento, CA, US

Posted: Feb 26, 13 17:24
Author: BitHead Location: Western - US
Job Title:IT Specialist (Forensic Examiner), GS-11/12 (EX)
Department:Department Of Justice
Agency:Federal Bureau of Investigation
Job Announcement Number:SC-2013-0012

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Major Duties for the GS-11/12:

- Plans, coordinates, and directs forensic science activities.

- Inventories, examines, retrieves, and performs comprehensive technical analyses of digital evidence without altering original.

- Prepares evidence for examination from crime scenes.

- Develops and provides evidence collection and examination methods to field offices and outside law enforcement agencies.

- Identifies, diagnoses, and corrects errors and problems.

- Serves as technical consultant by providing up-to-date training in computer examinations detailing the latest technology, supporting information, and reviews of new products to agents, federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.

- May be required to testify in court as to the procedures and methods used to obtain data.

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POSITIVE EDUCATION REQUIREMENT This position has a specific education requirement described below; all applicants must verify completion of this basic education requirement by submitting a copy of college transcripts or lists of college courses by the closing date of the vacancy announcement. Please see the "Required Documents" section of this announcement for additional information.

BASIC REQUIREMENTS Applicants must have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university with at least 20 semester hours in one or more of the following disciplines: computer science, information systems analysis, science/technology, information management, mathematics, computer engineering, or electrical/electronic engineering. AND

1. Applicant has had experience that demonstrates accomplishments of computer project assignments that require a range of knowledge of computer requirements and techniques. For example, assignments would show on the basis of general design criteria provided, experience in developing modifications to part of a system that require significant revisions in the logic or techniques used in the original development. OR

2. Applicant has completed the following technical courses or equivalent: A+ Certification Personal Computer Hardware Course; Network + Certification, CCNA Certification, MCSE Certification; FBI Computer Analysis Response Team (CART) Field Examiner Certification Course.

EXCEPTION: FBI employees applying for any grade level who do NOT have to meet the degree requirement mentioned above must meet the following:
FBI applicants who were active Computer Analysis Response Team (CART) Forensic Examiners (FE), Forensic Examiners in Training (FET) or CART On-The-Job Trainees (OJT) as of 2/15/2002;
Each candidate must meet the certification requirements of the FBI Operational Technology Division upon completing the CART FE Training Program, which includes the demonstrated ability to use software utilities, demonstrated ability to acquire digital evidence ability to conduct forensic exams of digital evidence, and obtaining A+/Net+ certification.
In addition: Each candidate must successfully complete and pass an assessment test on forensic capabilities before certification. Inability to meet these requirements may warrant removal from the program.
Education completed in foreign colleges or universities may be used to meet the above requirements provided you can show that the foreign education is comparable to that received in an accredited educational institution in the United States.
SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE In addition to meeting the basic requirements above, applicants must meet the qualifications as defined below:
Qualifications for the GS-11 level: Applicant must possess one (1) year of Specialized Experience equivalent to the GS 9 level. Specialized Experience is defined as follows:
Acquired computer-related evidence
Ensured safety of evidence in custody
Established hardware and software interfaces using commercial programs and equipment
Used recovery methods to retrieve information
Employed programming and algorithmic designs
Developed and used investigative techniques and support methods
Qualifications for the GS-12 level: Applicant must possess one (1) year of Specialized Experience equivalent to the GS 11 level. Specialized Experience is defined as follows:

In addition to the qualifications listed at the GS-11 level, applicant must also possess the following:

Experience which has demonstrated the accomplishment of information technology (IT) projects requiring forensic examination of computer, digital, and similar media and equipment using a wide range of knowledge of IT and evidentiary techniques resulting in the acquisition, examination, and/or presentation of computer-related evidence for investigative purposes.

Please see the announcement in the link for complete details

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