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Tips for High School Senior?

Discussion of computer forensics employment and career issues.
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Post Posted: Aug 03, 06 01:54

Pyro - I'd like to make a few suggestions. I agree that you should get a degree in computer science/computer engineering or EE. This will give you the theoretical background - and yes, it is a pain - to do more with your skills. A computer forensics degree I would afraid would be limited. If you understand digital fundamentals, you can pick up a book and learn about specific technology implementations.

Also, find a computer forensic expert nearby and ask to do free work. The forensic crime lab may even be open to you shadowing and asking questions. This would be an excellent way to learn how thing should be done.

Keep in mind that computer forensics will be quit different in 10 or 20 years. SO you need to have the fundamentals, the foundation.

Good luck,

AC Forensics, Inc
Computer Forensics and Data Recovery in the Mid West


Re: Tips for High School Senior?

Post Posted: Aug 03, 06 02:53

What would you guys say about pursuing a management of information systems (MIS) degree before getting into the computer forensics field and then possibly getting a masters degree in computer security? Any input would be great.  

Senior Member

Re: Tips for High School Senior?

Post Posted: Aug 03, 06 15:49

- iamapyro
Bah, lol. Ive been to the school and i love it. It seems like it has a good program, plus they're close to home. Confused Is it really that bad??

Bah, lol. You'll have to give up World of Warcraft at University.

Maybe it does appeal and is local but the people replying on this thread do seem to be suggesting a mainstream IT degree in the first instance. It is an important decision to make and once you've made it you have to stick with it. Of course it's your choice and I'm sure you will want to make the best of it.

nontraditionalstudent. I think a management of information systems degree and computer security degree would still leave you short of knowledge in computer forensics. These sorts of degrees could earn you a higher income elsewhere as well. Some areas of computer forensics would be within your experience straight away but other areas would not and that would limit your value to employers in the short term.

Forensic Computer Examiner, London, UK 


Re: Tips for High School Senior?

Post Posted: Aug 03, 06 22:55

I dont play World of Warcraft. In fact i hate it. I'm all about Dark Age of Camelot =).
Galahad-->Hibernia horray! lol
Thanks for the replies lol, anyone know any CF people in Phoenix/Arizona?  

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