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Forensic :) mouse recommendation

Discussion of forensic workstations, write blockers, bridges, adapters, disk duplicators, storage etc. Strictly no advertising of commercial products, please.
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Senior Member

Forensic :) mouse recommendation

Post Posted: Aug 28, 14 17:30

Well, maybe a mouse itself its not the forensic equipment but we won't do much without it nowadays... And since the forensic folks spend considerable time in front of their monitors and with their hands on their mice, I believe you will excuse me being a little bit off-topic and recommend a decent comfortable mouse for heavy office usage.

For recent years I was "glued" to my Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 but it died a couple of days ago. Thus I'm looking for a replacement. I can purchase another such mouse as it is still available on market but maybe it's time for a change. I've looked MS' current offer but they seem to love the mobile concept and have literally no bigger devices.

There are only a couple of requirements, starting with wireless connection. Since I hold my mice (well, a single one) in my left hand, I look for an universal / symmetrical device suitable both for right- and left-handed. No additional buttons are necessary - the two main and the one under the wheel are just enough. I guess it might be better for me to use a little bigger device that one of those meant for mobility, so I'd opt for mid-size or full-size mouse.

I was browsing the web, but as you may imagine 99% rankings consider gaming mice. From reading reviews and looking at images & specs I was considering:
- Logitech M560,
- Logitech Anywhere MX Refresh (though I have doubts about it symmetry),
- Kensignton SureTrack,
- Genius Traveler 9010LS (it's supposedly not that small)
and that's basically it. However, any further suggestions are warmly welcome!  


Re: Forensic :) mouse recommendation

Post Posted: Aug 31, 14 05:27

Yep, mice are an issue Wink Though I may not have digged as deeply into it as you might have done, it's worth mentioning that I have come down to use only Logitech mice until someone does better. These small portable mice nowadays are just terrible.  


Re: Forensic :) mouse recommendation

Post Posted: Sep 03, 14 11:29

Want to add one more criteria to make your choice even more complicated Smile Though it can be helpful...

I would propose not to use wireless mice with pluggable batteries inside. They are simply too weighty. There are pretty light mice from different vendors charged straight via USB.

Another thing. My experience with Logitech M560 was not really good. The mouse's movement sensor begin to decrease after 6 month of use. That's why I wouldn't advise it.
Vitaliy Mokosiy
Atola Technology 


Re: Forensic :) mouse recommendation

Post Posted: Sep 04, 14 03:01

For work PC wireless mouse/keyboard combination is OK but for Forensic work wired set will be more practical. Another day we tried restore HD backup image saved in Storagecraft format and and the Microsoft wireless set was useless. After booting from PC from CD, Storagecraft ver 4.15 did not recognized wireless mouse or the keyboard. We have to use wired set to complete the work. Proceed with caution !  


Re: Forensic :) mouse recommendation

Post Posted: Sep 04, 14 12:24

I like a heavy mouse with a very high sensitivity. I prefer gaming mice for the added features and on the fly mouse acceleration. I also make use of the control button ont he mouse for things like fast screenshots and copy paste.

The Logitech G602 is my current favorite.  

Senior Member

Re: Forensic :) mouse recommendation

Post Posted: Sep 20, 14 15:43

Thank you for all comments.

In fact I've already made my choice and I've decided to purchase a gaming mouse. That still surprises me a lot Smile but yes! It's Gigabyte Aivia M8600 v2.

A quick comment on that device - it's something between a mid to full-size mouse, so it's quite big and matches my hand precisely. It's symmetric so it's suitable for both right and left-handers. It's extremely comfortable even though its design can generate some doubts about it. It's also quite heavy which I enjoy. However, you won't feel its weight as it has great sliders at the bottom - it's the huge difference when compared with a standard desktop mouse (you also get a sliders spare set).

The mouse can work both in wired and wireless mode. It's powered with internal power cell (a spare one is included) and can be recharged via USB cable when wired or via special stand (being receiver at the same time) when working in wireless mode. Very precise in both wired and wireless mode and very customizable (including macros).

Any drawbacks? Of course! The wheel is a bit too resistant for me to operate comfortably and in my piece I have the feeling it's not perfectly mounted. The settings app (being the driver at the same time) is simply ugly and not very functional. You need to struggle hard in order to create a macro and then save it. Besides, I still haven't figured out how to edit profiles and not to lose their settings Smile A default feature - browser back button assigned to one of the side buttons - simply doesn't work for me in wireless mode and I have no idea why. And if you want to customize the mouse, you need to connect it via USB cable - it's impossible to do so in wireless mode. And the last one - it's not looking serious Smile I mean you can't turn off the color LEDs - fortunately there are only at the top of the mouse and don't light when not moving it (in wireless mode only, when wired they unfortunately produce light).  

Senior Member

Re: Forensic :) mouse recommendation

Post Posted: Dec 31, 14 10:24

im a pretty hardcore logitech fan when it comes to mice.

for gaming i prefer wired i have a logitech g9, but for my work PC i use the following


if you want something a little more fancy check out razer products

the razer mamba or ouroboros. I'm not sure if you can configure any macros on them.  

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