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Technical Assessment

Discussion of computer forensics employment and career issues.
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Senior Member

Re: Technical Assessment

Post Posted: Sep 25, 15 17:58

- Chris_Ed
- NotoriousBSE

Thanks for the reply, I didn't even think about ACPO guidelines or RIPA etc, I was too busy focusing about the technical side of things. I'm very glad I asked the question now.

Would you happen to have access to an example of such an assessment or know anyone who might? I'm really grateful for your assistance.

Either way, I'm glad I can wipe at least some of the sweat from my brow!

Many thanks,


I have been through such a test for Law Enforcement myself, and to be honest it mainly consisted of broad computer knowledge and ACPO bobbins.

+1 - I went through (and passed) a similar test with a Police Force in years gone by. What Chris_Ed says is pretty accurate - they are looking for somebody with a genuine interest in IT/mobile devices and a broad understanding of technology. Get your hands dirty and pull some old hardware apart if that's not something you've done in the past, make sure you know exactly what every cable and component does. Make sure you are very comfortable with all the terminology and can reasonably quickly define a technical term in layman terms e.g. 'explain to me, as a judge/jury, what RAM does in a computer'. As has been said here, the test varies between police forces and even at the different departments in the police force itself. From what you've said about specific legal frameworks, a passing knowledge of relevant RIPA, PACE, and Computer Misuse Act sections will be more than enough and learn by heart the four ACPO guidelines. In fact if you have time you could do worse than to read www.cps.gov.uk/legal/a...nce[1].pdf pretty thoroughly. Good luck!  


Re: Technical Assessment

Post Posted: Sep 25, 15 18:14


Thanks every so much for all your advice. I've been through the ACPO guidlines with a fine toothed comb and I've also been swatting up on some of the extra stuff Greg has sent me.

My assessment is on Tuesday but I'll still have to sit an interview if I'm successful with the test. I'll let you all know how I got on and again, thank you all so much for your help.

If I make it through the test I'd like to think I'll have a pretty good shot at the interview too after all the preparation I've done, thanks to you guys.

Hopefully I'll get to work alongside some of you one day! If so, I'll get the drinks in!




Re: Technical Assessment

Post Posted: Oct 06, 15 14:26

Hey all,

Bit of an update for you...

I went for the assessment and it was very definitely a ball breaker! It was also something I couldn't really have prepared myself for. It was extremely varied and had questions ranging from identifying photographs of cables and ports to identifying and explaining lines of JavaScript and HTML. (There was a question on the ACPO guidelines too which I obviously nailed thanks to Chris!)

I finished the test, came out, sat in the car and thought "Ah well... Maybe next time..."

Today I got an email however asking me to attend an interview! Couldn't be happier! They must have gotten my test paper mixed up with someone else's. Smile

Anyway, it's scheduled for the 29th October so now I'm back on the beg for help. I'll be reading everything Greg provided me with and if anyone has documents relating specifically to UK digital forensics, I will need to soak that up too!

Couldn't have done it without you guys so again, thanks a million!!



Senior Member

Re: Technical Assessment

Post Posted: Oct 07, 15 12:55

Congrats! If it's any consolation, I was exactly the same after my first exam - I thought there was no way I was going to pass - and then, like you I was pleasantly surprised to get an interview. Smile

Hope the interview goes well! Do you have to do any presentations or anything?  

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