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Highs and lows

Discussion of computer forensics employment and career issues.
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Highs and lows

Post Posted: Jan 25, 07 17:00

I was just curious to what the guys who are working in the Forensics field get out of it.

What are your Highs and lows.

What do you enjoy about the job? challenges, money, job satisfaction etc

What do you hate about the job? repetitiveness, legal issues, lack of money etc.

I was hoping that if you could give a snapshot of the good the bad and the ugly of your working life it may provide an insight that most of us newcomers are unaware of.

Thanks Smile  

Senior Member

Re: Highs and lows

Post Posted: Feb 04, 07 09:50

Each person has their own motivation! I do it for the challenge and job satisfaction. [It's a great excuse for niffy tools and new books!] Can't speak to the big bucks! Maybe some of the other folks can! Barely covering operating expenses with CF work.

The only real down point beside the money is the pressure! Everybody wants to know what happened and I mean right now! Regardless of how long the intruder has been running around inside their system. Everything comes to head when you walk in the door! Usually, you are the last resort -- you get to save some gal/guy's bacon!

I really get a kick out it!
Give a man a fish and he can eat today. Teach the man how to fish and he will be able to eat his whole life. 


Re: Highs and lows

Post Posted: Feb 08, 07 17:46

Thanks az_gcfa for the reply.

If you don't mind me asking, if you only just about break even doing the cf work what else do you do on top of the cf work to make a living.

Also have you seen any change over the time you have been doing the cf work in the public and corporate perception of a cf expert.

Thanks again for your reply Very Happy  


Re: Highs and lows

Post Posted: Feb 09, 07 08:48

pretty much the same as the previous reply. I do data recovery, penetration testing, consulting, and teaching to make ends meet.

As far as how it has changed over the years.....very rapid development, always changing, and always challenging during that time...especially with new devices on the market today that didnt exist last year a few years ago. This is the one job I have never gotten tired of because it is always changing  

Senior Member

Re: Highs and lows

Post Posted: Feb 09, 07 09:01

I'm actually quite lucky. I'm a retired Govt IT Security Manager. Being frugal during my career - I am basically debt free - and I can live off my pension.
However, my pension does not allow for perks (new car, 50 inch TV, Virgin Isle vactions, etc.) or new computers. So, I pickup private IT consulting and security jobs.

Arizona like many a few states in the US requires certain professions to be licensed. Currently, I'm in the process of obtaining my Private Investigator's license in order to practice full time in Computer Forensics.

Most of my work was in the Govt and since retirement in the private sector. Most business owners to not understand CF, period. The big Corporate firms know of it, or have some Security folks with knowledge of CF [ mostly just enough knowledge to be "A knowitall"] - from my experience and discussions at trade shows.

I'm redeveloping my business strategy from CF to Computer Security. People understand or think they understand Computer Security -- I intend on working that angle for my CF work. Except for LE agencies, and Lawyers and major IT firms. I'll market CF to them.

Changes over time! More LE agencies are getting CF personnel on staff. I've not broken into the major corporate world yet - I deal with only micro-cap businesses and private individuals.

Probably keydet89, deckard or hogfly have a better feel for the large and middle-cap business.
Give a man a fish and he can eat today. Teach the man how to fish and he will be able to eat his whole life. 

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