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Streamlined Forensic Reporting (SFR) and New IIOC Guidance

Computer forensics discussion. Please ensure that your post is not better suited to one of the forums below (if it is, please post it there instead!)
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Senior Member

Streamlined Forensic Reporting (SFR) and New IIOC Guidance

Post Posted: Jul 28, 16 00:16

I've created a new post because this digresses from the 'Standardisation of Witness Statements/Report' discussion and addresses different issues.


The best way I can describe SFR is 'a streamlined process for reporting forensic issues in the most simplest manner, which allows the courts to address the real issues early on'. There will be better explanations in the links!

SFR Guides & Toolkit: The two downloads at the start of this link are great resources and include basic MG22 templates and a really useful flow diagram. They also give a great overview of the process.


As jaclaz pointed out. SFR Q & A


NB These are GENERIC SFR MG22 templates and are not specific digital ones.

SFR - Our experience
Our unit implemented SFR early this year. I approached it with some interest but also with a level of scepticism. The latter was unwarranted because as we carefully tested SFR we realised what a positive thing it was.

It allows us to communicate forensic evidence in a simple but effective manner and it allows us to address key forensic issues early on. The reporting is streamlined but the quality of the investigation is unchanged. Furthermore, I believe the use of SFR allows our investigators to concentrate on delivering in-depth, dynamic investigations and allows us to spend more time on what matters. ..... Rather than doing a sausage factory forensic job with a 20 page statement (which takes ages to write and contains 75% stuff that is not important to the court 99% of the time).

This does not mean that we do not record all of the detail. All of the process, test results, imaging details are recorded in the usual way. They are just stripped from the report.

The MG22(b) is used for charging purposes and we go from there. MG22(a) are used for data extractions (For example - Dumps of chat logs for review by someone else)


Added to this is the latest guidance in relation to IIoC cases. The main thing to mention here is the move away from the 16 sample images (From R v Thompson) towards roll-up 'Making' charges at each of the SAP levels. It is based around a change in CPR and allows the charges to reflect 'a course of conduct' rather than proving a specific image. In terms of what is required to be proven, nothing has changed. A possession charge would still be images 'within custody and control' and a 'Making' charge would need to show either the level of Intent or knowledge (Ie Searches, File access etc etc)

Please read:


Key parts to read are 'The Indictment' but there are also references to SFR and also proportionality and Victim ID



Senior Member

Re: Streamlined Forensic Reporting (SFR) and New IIOC Guidan

Post Posted: Jul 28, 16 12:30

This is extremely useful, thanks for taking the time to write it up.  

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