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Please, help to resolve this.

Computer forensics discussion. Please ensure that your post is not better suited to one of the forums below (if it is, please post it there instead!)
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Senior Member

Re: Please, help to resolve this.

Post Posted: Apr 21, 18 14:40

Example of bad use of forensics, and totally incompetent investigation, which uses all of these "data".
These data are from the forensic "report" of the National Greek forensics Lab. The Lab is responsible for all cyber-crime prosecutions in Greece!

The Lab say so:

1. "log" files are presenting. They are linked [the lab linked them] to one type of software. The Software is not mentioned to be present - in any of the confiscated digital evidences.

2. These "log" files are on 4 digital evidences (hdd) - paradoxically they are the same files, or originated from the same source. Not possible, because the software is able to write only one log file at the time, on only one place.

3. These "log" files is impossible to be linked [forensically] to one PC, because there is no supporting info inside them, or ANY other information is presented, which identify the origin of these log files, or link them specifically to ONE PC - i.e. -THE responsible for their creation PC.

4. These files are easily redacted by hand, and the contents inside is changed easily to be of everyone's tastes.

5. These log files shows activity, but actually, not any completed download, or upload must be concluded from them.

5a. The files, mentioned in these logs files are absent - not a single confiscated digital evidences shows the mentioned inside those logs files to be present or deleted, proof of existence etc., etc. The same about the files locations - there is no such locations... in any of the confiscated hdd.

5b.The content of the files, mentioned in these logs, is unknown- no hash, no showing what actually is the files content - simply, by the file's names is concluded, that the non-existent files are "illegal".

6. There is no digital identity of the suspect PC recorded, or presented like evidence, which chronologically may be able to be linked to the aforementioned activities in these logs files.

7. Simply by the presence of these log files, the prosecutor charge offences, and greatly deteriorate the defendant's situation - from misdemeanour to felony. Because of a felony, the man is put in a jail for year! Nobody care to check, what this Lab is speaking about! All this behaviour is labelled - " We are quite sensitive about these crimes".

THE truth [ forensically speaking], after 4 years:

1. The files DOES not belongs to the software, which the NATIONAL Greek Forensic lab say. Grandiose shame - the software is a simple p2p software, old like the Old Testament. And not a Russian VPN "Grisly Bears" hackers attack data.

1a. Actually, the log's location names give a Lab a "joker", to which software these logs belongs - the log's directory have a same name with the actual software's name. The Lab is unable to catch even this!!

2. The log files belongs to ANOTHER software, which is not present anywhere - installed, deleted, or history to be sometime present.

3. The "fake" and the actual software are incompatible with the defendant OS, and does not run on his platform.

4. No digital evidences from the defendant PC shows, that these two pieces of software are executed [started]. No registry data from the other hdd's, these two type of software to be installed, or removed. There is no forensic data, these two pieces pieces of software to be installed [ actually, HOW, if they are incompatible "exe" files, which does not run on Mac OSX] on the defendant PC. No evidences are presented, confronting all these conclusions by forensic arguments.

5. The hdd, where these logs are located, are unable to be written from the defendant PC- platforms incompatibility. No forensic evidences are presented, confronting this conclusion by forensic arguments.

6. THE DATES, INSIDE THESE LOGS files, shows dates , form 6 months to ONE YEAR BEFORE the actual HDD are produced. Confronted by this, the police officers state "hypothetically" that the defendant plays with the system date/ time. Confronted further to present evidences, how this is possible from Mac OSX towards Windows formatted HDD, they stated "This does not concerned us". Confronted further to present forensic evidences about date/time manipulations, the two officers take their mineral water bottles, and ask the court to be released from court. The Court agree. All is clear- the defendant is an awful, repulsive, scum.

Further truth [ by analysing the behaviour of the Greek National Forensic Lab]:

1. The Lab clearly knows, that the software, which produce these log files, is absent.

2. In scope to divulge attention and questions " How for god's sake these logs goes there then?", the Lab attribute these logs to another software, unable even to catch, that this "new" software is missing too from the confiscated HDD's

3. The Lab is so incompetent, that they do not understand, that the "false" and the "real" software are incompatible with the defendant PC. No explanation is presented in the labs forensic report, who, when and how even run this [actually absent, not present] software. The -worst - the "real software" does not work without the "first" present and properly installed- the "real" logs creator must be run in parallel with the "first", in scope to produce these logs. And this, if only some options there are checked- which means, you must first prove, that the options there was checked- otherwise- no log files are created.

4. Thoroughly analysing the logs, their location and their content, it is clearly visible, that these logs are " by hand" spread to 4 HDD by tampering.

5. The two officers confess, that they "examined" the disks AFTER the disks confiscation [when, where? is unknown- the question is turned "irrelevant" by the judge!!] ] when, presumably, all disks must be already sealed. Actually, the disks are presented to the lab unsealed [actually, they are NEVER sealed], with no evidence label. It is unknown also, who works with these disks in the lab, when, how- there is a simply two signatures on the report and this is all...no other details are present. Details on request are either rejected, or forged [ there is no way one provided info to be validated - the Lab and the police feeds the judiciary with whatsoever "claims" they pleased- nobody cares, nobody is able to check, because, there is no means to do this- only the internal affairs may do this] . Who cares ? " We are quite sensitive about these crimes".

The Greek judiciary turn a blind eye to all this. - "All is alright, our officers are example of virtue and moral behaviour. The defendant is an awful, repulsive, scum. How he dare to speak so about our Forensic Lab and our cyber-crime officers??".

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, or Kafka? is the question here.
Yes, this kind of countries exist- and they are in EU, not in some obscure places.  

Last edited by MickArneke on Apr 28, 18 10:30; edited 5 times in total

Senior Member

Re: Please, help to resolve this.

Post Posted: Apr 21, 18 16:41

Thank you for your detailled sharing here on FF. I know you already do but I tend to say you should protect yourself one step more. The issue for sure is heating up by you bringing into light details here.

Not in a positions to tell you what to do.  

Senior Member

Re: Please, help to resolve this.

Post Posted: Apr 21, 18 17:43

- RolfGutmann
Thank you for your detailed sharing here on FF. I know you already do but I tend to say you should protect yourself one step more. The issue for sure is heating up by you bringing into light details here.

Not in a positions to tell you what to do.

I'm working digital forensics from the time of Norton Commander for DOS.

I personally had had see many peculiar "spirits" from LEA agencies - some of them - really dishonest, bad lads. Trying all the time to avoiding them, at any cost- never worked for them, when I was " a single". Later- always make clear my position, and keep them at distance.

But here, and this - this is too much for me to swallow. And sincerely- i don't want any more to accept this, simply because I never saw things like these.

Why for god's sake one humble, plain man, must suffer all this? because of all this scum there? their unchallenged behaviour and superiority complex to prevail one plain expat man, who live and works there? He devoted his humble life to save children- and he is a damn good professional- I speak with many, many locals there.
Rolf, this is not enough cause for us to help him??
Why? Because we live in more democratic environment, have a comfortable life, relatively good lawyers at our disposal, protection "valves" etc, etc. And because of this, we must not care about the others?

The man is rich? NO.
He had relatives there? I learn- NO.

I wish to give here an exact example, what's going on with all these peoples there.
Let the jaclaz knows too - he always defends them. Smile Anyway... .

I'm safe. All info is an official info- and this is worst for them- they are nowhere to hide any more.
They are not able to reach me. They will take what they deserve- justice.
And that's all that I want.  

Last edited by MickArneke on Apr 28, 18 10:18; edited 1 time in total

Senior Member

Re: Please, help to resolve this.

Post Posted: Apr 21, 18 18:45

You are absolutely right, we have to defend the non-guilty people.

It may sounds not necessary I know to think about more security. But I too had to learn to
search and define the next step of personal security. Its just to be ready and prepared for the
next step. To be prepared is everything - RTS Ready To Shoot (Slingshot Smile

I wish you strength on your good way.  

Senior Member

Re: Please, help to resolve this.

Post Posted: Apr 22, 18 09:36

- MickArneke

Let the jaclaz knows too - he always defends them. Smile Anyway... .

Never did that, you are committing the exactly the same error you attribute to others, you state as facts about me something that you - for whatever reasons - completely failed to understand.

- In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is. - 

Senior Member

Re: Please, help to resolve this.

Post Posted: May 26, 18 18:57

Hi all,

Wish just to inform all of my [hidden or not so] supporters here, that [ finally ] we officially justified, than those National Forensic Lab [Greece] have an ISO 17025 certificate.

This was VERY well hidden fact, and not mentioned anywhere, including THE OFFICIAL Forensic lab NATIONAL OFFICIAL certification page. For me was 4-5 months fiddling to obtain this piece of info [ which is a critical info here, in this case] . Thanks Wolfie [ not a real name!! ], my dearest friend from my youth, which give me a joker.

Now, all of us are in possession of very powerful weaponry.

After about 1 week cross-reference study, I tip some peoples about 46 critical certificate violations, which by itself, is unbelievable fact.

All is ok- my help is much needed, and I'm glad. My oldest son [ not much old] ask me one night:

"Daddy, whats going on with this poor man, you help him?'
" He is not a "poor man" ... [child's name]. He is a very good and decent man, but, just- he was out of luck in his life. Occurs sometime, with all of us".
" Dad, are we are lucky ?"
" I don't know"- and I really don't know.

That's All folks... the fight continues.  

Senior Member

Re: Please, help to resolve this.

Post Posted: Aug 11, 18 17:34

Some fresh news.

We are able to verify, that the Official Greek Police forensic lab make false statements, and illegally cover the First respond team unlawful search "results" by inventing the forensic soundness of the confiscated digital evidences from the scene.

These false statements are forensic in nature, and so severe, that this Forensic Lab is exposed to immediate civil litigation.

What we learn, and the volume of falsified data from the Lab is, for sure, quite exceptional event. I myself, personally, never witness a such violations.

We continued the fight.  

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