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How to buy UFED4PC cable kit

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How to buy UFED4PC cable kit

Post Posted: Jul 16, 18 17:30

I am about to buy second hand UFED4pc dongle with SMS expired in order to learn mobile forensics and get a job. The seller said that he has not got cable kit. I am going to buy if I can get cable set, as far as I know it is useless without cable set.

Is it possible to buy cable kit alone? or some cables? If yes from who? Directly from cellebrite or are there alternatives?


Senior Member

Re: How to buy UFED4PC cable kit

Post Posted: Jul 16, 18 17:35

You could just buy/make your own kit?

Most of the time you'll only use a few of the most common cables. Unless you start getting older phones that each one has a different connector, it won't be much of an issue.

There are a few advanced techniques that require different cables such as OTG/EDL/Download mode/etc. and you can either order those specifically when you need them. Amazon/ebay/fonefunshop are good places to look if you want to buy. Otherwise if you're still learning and have any interest, you can make your own. Basically just need a soldering iron, some resistors, and a few spare USB cables. They're pretty easy to do and lots of online tutorials.

If you still just want to buy the whole kit, I'd reach out to Cellebrite. Not sure if they'll sell the kit unless you have active SMS though.



Re: How to buy UFED4PC cable kit

Post Posted: Aug 18, 18 20:03

@mcman Thank you very much for that valuable idea and info.

I understood that UFED cables are actually same as OTG, EDL,USB Jig or etc? Nothing specific with them. Am I wrong?

I am going to buy OTG, EDL and USB Jig, what cables else would you recommend me to buy or solder?

Thanks and regards again.  

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