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Backup Methodology

Discussion of computer forensics employment and career issues.
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Senior Member

Backup Methodology

Post Posted: Apr 06, 08 16:06

Hi all,

We are establishing a computer forensics lab and there is a question about how the data is stored. One opinion is copying hash-verified case images in a high capacity storage device the other is backing up the images seperately on different media.

Which one do you recommend and why?

Thanks in advance

Kaan Gunduz  


Re: Backup Methodology

Post Posted: Apr 06, 08 16:13

We backup to a server (stays on for current cases) and then backup to tape for our final backup which is done while it's on the server so we always have at least 2 copies of the data.

Reason for using the server is it is quick to access for a current case and tape is because it is relatively cheap for the storage size and quick.  

Senior Member

Re: Backup Methodology

Post Posted: Apr 07, 08 18:22

Thanks a lot for the answer. I also think tape backups would be ok though we don't have a big evidence room, and also thinking of dvd backups. Anyone using a dvd backup robot?



Re: Backup Methodology

Post Posted: Apr 07, 08 22:59

My first post ...

Personally, I'd try avoiding backing up to DVD as the lifespan for optical media like DVD/CD is generally far far less than HDD or Tape. You can also get compatability issues between the media and drives. i.e. a DVD you burn in one drive might not work in another. Optical media is also very sensitive to enviromental conditions.

How long are you planning on storing the data?

If it's years then I'd use tape. If it's not going to be years I'd still use tape, although HDD should be fine and I wouldn't bother splashing out on a tape storage system just to store data for a year or two Smile  

Senior Member

Re: Backup Methodology

Post Posted: Apr 08, 08 11:10

It's tape then Smile

Thanks a lot  

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