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CP Question

Computer forensics discussion. Please ensure that your post is not better suited to one of the forums below (if it is, please post it there instead!)
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Senior Member

Re: CP Question

Post Posted: Sep 29, 08 15:02

The way we do it in our department is that we look at a proposed indecent image and we say "Could this person be 18"

If there is any doubt, then the image is discarded  

Senior Member

Re: CP Question

Post Posted: Sep 29, 08 16:48

We are writing sentence that this person on a photo is most likely under 18..but precise age can be identified by another specialist (sexologist)  


Re: CP Question

Post Posted: Sep 29, 08 18:37

For grins you might want to check out this case:


Also, google "Melissa Bertsch," an adult actress, about whom the following was written:


Bertsch has already given proof of her age in five American prosecutions. "One time I did go to court; I flew to Hawaii and testified in front of a jury and a judge," she said. "They dropped all the charges after I testified. In the other cases they dropped everything once I made a statement and provided proof of my ID."



Re: CP Question

Post Posted: Sep 30, 08 08:54

In our department we follow two guidelines. One is that if you are unsure if the subject is under 18 then they probably aren't. The second, and most important, is we take the photo in context of the rest of the evidence/images. Look for other indicators such as web browsing history, other photos other than CP that might indicate an inclination toward children or documents/books/emails that sexualise children. It's tricky and unfortunately you can only become adept through experience. Its best to use a computer forensic expert who has experience to help you out.  

Senior Member

Re: CP Question

Post Posted: Sep 30, 08 11:27

Suspected images are typically brought to a medical doctor with sufficient education and training regarding anatomy & physiology to gauge the age of an individual based on factors such as the development of the sex glands, ratio of body part lengths, etc. who will then sign an affidavit stating that X images are of CP.

CISSP, EnCE, CCE, Security+, MCP, etc. etc.

"Show me a person's computer and I'll show you their soul." 

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