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Banks to roll out Trusteer

Computer forensics discussion. Please ensure that your post is not better suited to one of the forums below (if it is, please post it there instead!)
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Banks to roll out Trusteer

Post Posted: Mar 16, 10 21:26

I thought it was time i contributed to FF as ive been a member for a while .

I have just read this on the Reg

Web Page Name

I can't see how this will prove anything given the way that malware (zeus in particular) can hide from AV and other detection methods. Isn't it a matter of time before a new variant is released to deal with Trusteer ?

Has anyone used this software or know anything about it ? (I did a quick search on here and drew a blank). Goolge wasn't much better than Trusteers PR machine and website.

My sceptical mind is at play thinking that this could be used as a get out for the banks should a fraud take place and the users PC is given a "clean" bill of health by Trusteer.

Your thoughts ?

Angela Bennet Laughing  


Re: Banks to roll out Trusteer

Post Posted: Mar 18, 10 03:28

Trusteer seems to sit between the browser and other interactions, and has a few interesting side effects.

I've encountered it with the role I work in, It's got a few "Tricks" that try to protect the install, for example it'll prevent remote uninstallation requesting a "Captcha" that needs entering to be removed, and prevents VNC sessions for example from seeing the Captcha text, and installs itself as a service.

I've not tried to work around it much to be fair, perhaps play with it in a VM?  

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