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.url Favorite Entries

Computer forensics discussion. Please ensure that your post is not better suited to one of the forums below (if it is, please post it there instead!)
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Senior Member

.url Favorite Entries

Post Posted: May 25, 10 19:58

Afternoon all,
I'm looking at some .url favorites entries, and trying to preempt some questions i'm sure will arise from counsel.
What i'm trying to work out is what causes the last-written date/time to be updated (without manually modifying the content of the files).
I've done a quick test creating a favorite, revisiting it, changing the page on a webserver, revisiting it, etc
So far nothing has updated the last written value, if anyone has some ideas to appease my curiousity it'd be much appreciated.

Senior Member

Re: .url Favorite Entries

Post Posted: May 25, 10 20:47

I just checked out the MAC dates - in Windows XP Explorer Favourites folder in my profile - on a few of my IE7 Favourites including the entry for www.forensicfocus.com/...wforum&f=1 (having the web page open already)

Then refreshed the page, re-checked the MAC times, and the Modified time had changed to reflect the refresh. Did it a few times, got the same result. And also with news.bbc.co.uk/, same.

If in IE7 I right-click a favourite from the Favourites menu and select properties, I get the same result i.e. Modified time changes, Accessed time doesn't. But then again I'm not terribly technical and there's probably a real basic explanation......

So, dunno what's happening here as my pre-conception would be that the access time would chnage, unless it's one of these Vista/W7 things I keep hearing about but have no knowledge of ('cos we only run XP in-house).  

Senior Member

Re: .url Favorite Entries

Post Posted: May 25, 10 21:10

I think you may be confusing terminology here, i'm guessing you're referring to the entry modified date, which is the time the file-system entry is modified.
What i'm trying to work out is regarding the last-written date, ie in-theory the content of the file changing, what can cause this in the case of favorite urls.

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