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Forensic Embedded Systems Engineer, London, £36,118

Forensic Focus has a new job board and this forum has now been archived. If you are a job seeker, please view our current list of job vacancies at https://jobs.forensicfocus.com/jobs/ If you are an employer/agency and wish to post your job vacancies, please register at https://jobs.forensicfocus.com/registration/
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Senior Member

Re: Forensic Embedded Systems Engineer, London, £36,118

Post Posted: Apr 20, 11 19:51

My first forensics salary in London was £27k with that I quite comfortably lived in an ok part of South London, managed to go on various overseas holidays including a 2 week trip to Thailand and managed to have a social life and get out and meet people. As long as you don't try and catch Taxis everywhere transport isn't that ruiness as long as you aren't living too many zones away from work and if you work outside the centre, it's even cheaper. Also the Borough with the cheapest council tax in England happens to be in London and by the Thames.

Some might say the affordability of living in London depends on one thing...."How much you drink" Wink
The only people who find what they are looking for
in life are the fault finders. 

Senior Member

Re: Forensic Embedded Systems Engineer, London, £36,118

Post Posted: Apr 28, 11 18:18


In these challenging times I'm sure there will be some interest and hopefully from a good standard of applicant. The payscle leads to 41k plus the London allowance already mentioned.

Add to that the quite generous annual leave compared with the private sector and this is going to be a job some applicants are really giong to hope they get.

As for living in London the cost of accomodation is likely to be the biggest cost. For the foreign people reading this thread a 1 bed flat in an ok suburb about 40 minutes from central London could be as low as about £650 /month. Council tax for a place like that with one working adult might be around £70 /month.

It gets expensive when you're managing a family in that a mortgage for a 3 bed semi in the same suburb might be £1200 /month or more and council tax of £180 /month.

With a slightly depressed job market a lot of people might have to look more favourably at the 25k jobs mentioned. I am a great believer that any job is better than no job, even if it pays below the benefit line. In my experience it's very rare that a person does not bring some useful experience with them, even from unrelated and low level jobs.

Because of the cuts it's my one pence worth. Used to be two pence worth.

Forensic Computer Examiner, London, UK 

Senior Member

Re: Forensic Embedded Systems Engineer, London, £36,118

Post Posted: Apr 28, 11 20:48

I commented and started this argument (and frankly I regret not just letting it go without saying anything) because I spent several years as a software engineer within an embedded systems industry, coding, debugging, designing, doing hardware interface / testing etc before moving into forensics, I'm currently branching my skillset into reverse engineering, assembly level, etc.

I didnt meet the job spec. I didnt even come close to such demands as "you will be able to identify bus protocols by glancing at a device and identify from that where the data is stored" and think there are probably only a handful of people who do in the country. Those people are all earning at least 70-80k and dont read forensic focus.

It might be a good wage "for a pure forensics role" (ignoring stuff like www.forensicfocus.com/...c&t=7488), but this says more about the forensics industry than it does about the skill level needed, consideration needs to be given to both aspects if you want to attract and retain outside talent.

Moaning aside, I'm sure there will be some great applications that have come in from some very capable candidates and I wish them all the best of luck.