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Computer forensics discussion. Please ensure that your post is not better suited to one of the forums below (if it is, please post it there instead!)
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Senior Member


Post Posted: Aug 24, 11 01:02


I have been told recently that C4P can be installed as a stand alone application to assist non-technical people with the categorisation of pictures.

Could someone please comment on the above statement for validity?  

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Senior Member

Re: C4P

Post Posted: Aug 24, 11 11:14

As far as I'm aware, C4P requires an Enscript to be run in Encase to extract all the images first.
However then the extracted data could be moved to another computer with the C4P viewer program on and a non technical person could review the images.

Hope this helps.  

Senior Member

Re: C4P

Post Posted: Aug 24, 11 11:30

There are 3 components to the C4P / C4All system; the database, the EnScript, and the Windows client.

I think you are talking about the Windows client, which can indeed be installed on a standalone machine. Furthermore, the client has an option to create a "New Case for non-EnCase users", which traverses a directory and creates a C4P file from the contents.

You could therefore, if you wanted to, use your forensic tool to export all your images from your exhibit to a local folder and run the C4P/C4All Windows client over that. This would then allow you to categorise the images as normal.

With regards to non-technical users being able to use it - this is entirely true. The interface is fairly simple, and so far I have not encountered any problems with introducing it to people.

Edit: TL;DR version is "Yes your source is right, no you don't need EnCase to run C4P/C4All."  

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