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Quickbooks QBW reader/printer

Forensic software discussion (commercial and open source/freeware). Strictly no advertising.
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Senior Member

Quickbooks QBW reader/printer

Post Posted: May 18, 12 00:28

Anyone know of a free tool that reads Quickbooks QBW files?

Just tried a half a dozen "trials" and most ask for everything from my blood type to my grandma's eye color...  

Senior Member

Re: Quickbooks QBW reader/printer

Post Posted: May 18, 12 06:00

I have yet to find a "free" tool for QB. And even more fun, you will need the version for the file you are reading otherwise you will have to run a conversion when you open the file. I think I have 8 or so versions.

Once you have the file open you can output the reports to Excel for your client/the Court/etc.  

Senior Member

Re: Quickbooks QBW reader/printer

Post Posted: May 18, 12 06:44

Make friends with someone at an account firm. They can open and export it to a spreadsheet for you.
Some things you just can't "unsee". 

Senior Member

Re: Quickbooks QBW reader/printer

Post Posted: May 18, 12 23:39

Hello Jhup,

I found that it was a program which I had to end up buying and have in my cube.

Many times of year the larger stores will run really good sales on that software and while it paid for itself in the first case, I'd bet I've used it well over 100 times.

Kinkos on their work stations used to have quicken and you would pay by the minute so download file, convert, done and it took you 10 minutes. Or go to their help desk and ask them to convert it for you.

Local colleges will 99% of the time do it for you for free.

Heck even neighbors have quicken.

But really Jhup pick up a copy, they are currently going anywhere from 20-33 on the low end. Maybe you've never had the reason come up to use it, several examiners I've talked with have several stock programs like Quicken around for just such instances.  

Senior Member

Re: Quickbooks QBW reader/printer

Post Posted: May 19, 12 01:07

I am really thinking about buying the product. Yep. I am done thinking about it. Mr. Green

If I had to buy a program every time there is a proprietary file, I would run out of money even before I got paid.

If I buy it I will mark it as a line item, and the lawyer can own the license.

Last time I got "lucky" with a CAD/CAM file, and found something to read it. But, if I would not have the price would be prohibitive.

I personally like Quickbooks - the old version, before they made it "simple" and "helpful". I think that was back in the late 80's I guess.

Appreciate everyone's suggestions.  

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