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CP detection

Computer forensics discussion. Please ensure that your post is not better suited to one of the forums below (if it is, please post it there instead!)
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Senior Member

CP detection

Post Posted: Sep 17, 12 23:28

Hi Everyone,

We have just received a case involving the search of a 500GB hard drive for CP material. The client wants us to find all the CP content on the drive, I wanted to know if anyone can recommend a free solution that offers accurate detection of skin tone, human body parts, and so forth that can help narrow down the search for CP evidence.

I know Xways and Paraben offer these kinds of solutions;however, they are not free. If anyone can recommend a free solution, it will be much appreciated.  

Senior Member

Re: CP detection

Post Posted: Sep 18, 12 00:50

- taurean25
If anyone can recommend a free solution, it will be much appreciated.

There is something, but I wouldn't use it in a real case, let alone a CP one:

You may want to use a colour based mapper, such as ImageSorter (homepage lost):

This is probably latest available English version (the German one can be downloaded through the wayback machine).

- In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is. - 

Senior Member

Re: CP detection

Post Posted: Sep 18, 12 05:48

Just a word of caution, skin tone analysis doesn't always work correctly and can give a false sense of security, and obviously you will still have to view black and white pictures and often cartoon/anime pictures are also not correctly analysed by the skin tone.

However depending on your laws if you only have to view a portion and give that as a representation skin tone can be a help as it gives you the 'most likley' straight away to view.

Also just curious why it needs to be free? Xways is not that expensive and you said "your client" so I'm assuming you work in the corporate sector so you can pass on the costs of software needed to do the job can't you?  

Senior Member

Re: CP detection

Post Posted: Sep 18, 12 05:53

I am in the DoD sector as a government contractor, the DoD sector is looking to cut costs in all operation including information systems where I reside.  

Senior Member

Re: CP detection

Post Posted: Sep 18, 12 06:15

OSForensics can also sort by image background or foreground color.
As pointed out above the process isn't perfect, but it can still speed up the investigation, by grouping similar images. We see the main use in quickly finding locations / folders on the disk that might then warrant deeper investigation (i.e. triage)

Here's an example of the output.

There is the free edition that will do up to 200,000 image files, you can use as a short trial.  

Senior Member

Re: CP detection

Post Posted: Sep 18, 12 08:43

Please be aware that in most U.S. jurisdictions, possessing CP, even for work purposes, is a felony. I used to work in a LE agency which scanned for CP. There is actually free software out there for this very purpose, but is mostly for law enforcement. In most cases, if our software did not work, we just looked at all the images one at a time. What I did was perform a search for photo and video files, then sort them by directory, and look for CP. Again, if you find CP, you must immediately stop viewing the images and contact law enforcement.
Marc Yu
Vice President of Digital Forensics and e-Discovery 


Re: CP detection

Post Posted: Sep 18, 12 15:10

I think the rules may be slightly different for the Department of Defense. This isn't a commercial case so I am pretty sure he won't have call the local police.  

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