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Startup Advice

Discussion of computer forensics employment and career issues.
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Startup Advice

Post Posted: Jun 28, 06 08:47

I have been in the network support and security for quite some time now. After dabbling with some data recovery and more recently some minor forensics work I was seriously considering creating a new branch for my company. The problem... How do you sell these services?

I have been thinking long and hard about it and really do not have a good direction. I know that local agencies and law firms can use the help - but what are the best methods to get the word out? Do you think flyers to law firms would work, or is it more personal? Even then, what are the most productive types of lawyers and firms?

As far as I know, I would be the only firm in the region offering these services and I know that there has to be some demand. Does anyone here have any advice for me? Any advice whatsoever would be extremely helpful.

Thank you.
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Re: Startup Advice

Post Posted: Jul 03, 06 02:45

I'm thinking the same thing. Any feedback would be appreciated by me as well.



Re: Startup Advice

Post Posted: Jul 04, 06 00:35

Hi there,

Now, i am not in marketing, but just seeing it from our company's point of view. I would be most interested in free information. You need to get across how important it is for companies to be aware of forensics. I would put flyers if you can't directly make contact with someone - best to do your research and find out managers' names - offering free consultations, or seminars. You can do it by company, or for more than one at a time, and spread the word that way.  

Senior Member

Re: Startup Advice

Post Posted: Jul 04, 06 15:47


Start by defining your services...what can/will you do for the client? Target those services toward the needs of your clients.

Do a walk-thru of the service so that you see what it really entails beyond the thoughts, brainstorming, and the paper drill. How many people/hours/resources does something *really* take?

You might then consider using your current clients as a starting point...offer these services to them. If they're happy with what you do, they are great marketing.

Do not do fliers. Fliers are what local bands and high schools use to advertise concerts and car washes, and it's not very professional. Remember, with this type of service you're going to taking a good long look under your clients knickers, which is something they're very nervous about.

The best way to sell these kinds of services is to demonstrate the ROI, or return on investment. If the client hires you to do X for $Y, what do they get in return? "Piece of mind" isn't tangible, but something like "meeting SEC compliance" is...


Senior Member

Re: Startup Advice

Post Posted: Jul 04, 06 16:18


One of the challenges you may face is a financial one. As a large proportion of work in the market will be criminal casework, either for defence or prosecution, you could find yourself waiting some time for payment for your services. Certainly in the UK it is not uncommon for a forensic examiner with a private firm to be instructed and for the case to take many months to complete; at which point he gets to send out the invoices. If getting the forensic part of the business up and profitable in a short time is important then this could be your biggest challenge.

From the marketing point of view I would agree with Keydet about starting with your present clients and to examine why companies need these services. If corporate data recovery and auditing is going to be the mainstay of your work then you may not need to consider my first paragraph.

Good luck with it.

Forensic Computer Examiner, London, UK 


Re: Startup Advice

Post Posted: Jul 04, 06 18:57

Where would you say the main focus lies, mostly incidents or mostly content based (misuse of company rescources etc)?

And is it possible for most of you to do this full time?



Re: Startup Advice

Post Posted: Jul 05, 06 20:24

Two questions - one related and one not ...

First question (multi-part): What is the going rate for forensic consulting? For example, how much would one charge for an examination of a hard drive?

Also - are retainers typically used, or is it strictly by the hour?

Second question - Is Forensic Focus mainly for the UK?

Jeff Barnes
jsbarnes @ XamienTechnologies.com 

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