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Interview With Professor Peter Sommer

Thursday, April 13, 2017 (15:06:52)

Interview With Professor Peter Sommer

Peter, tell us a bit about yourself. What is your background and your current role?

I read law at Oxford and had a first career in book publishing. At that time although we all knew what a computer was most of us thought it unlikely that we would ever use one, let alone have so many in our houses that we lost count. I specialized in egg-head non-fiction. One of my authors was a research scientist at the National Physical Laboratory and wanted a guinea pig to see how far an “arts” graduate would cope with a computer. That started me off and fired my imagination. In a move to get a bit of practical electronics knowledge I took the amateur radio license exam, then a more difficult task than it is today.

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1. Long overdue!

I'm glad that there are others looking at this and trying to make some sensible headway. One of the main issues so far seems to be that the people invited to the meetings and discussions are "Heads of Forensics" and usually come from a CSI/Fingerprints/Trad Forensics environment and have no idea how things work outside of that world, having some actual Digital Investigation experts will be a welcome change!
Hopefully you'll be able to get the FSR to move on important issues as at the moment she seems so entrenched in her position and refusing to listen.