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Ultra Slim Drives - A New Challenge For Computer Forensics

Monday, August 28, 2017 (10:57:48)
Seagate ultra slim drive is the newest generation of portable hard drives. Its very thin design, at just 9.6mm, a relatively large storage area, going up to 2TB, and a fast data transfer maximum of 120MB/s make it one of the most popular portable drives today.

Alongside the new Seagate drive is also the Western Digital ultra slim drive. This is an even thinner drive, with 5mm thickness it lives up to the name ultra slim.

These drives can have a storage up to 2TB, the same as Seagate, its RPM is 5400, which is very high considering the size of the drive, and it can operate in the temperature interval of 0° C to 60° C.

Oxygen Forensic Detective 9.5 Now Supports 40 Clouds With Addition Of Telegram

Wednesday, August 09, 2017 (14:06:03)
Oxygen Forensics, a worldwide developer and provider of advanced forensic data examination tools for mobile devices and cloud services, announced today that it now supports data extraction from 40 different cloud services with the addition of Telegram cloud for its flagship Oxygen Forensic® Detective 9.5 product.

Magnet Forensics Announces Magnet AXIOM Cloud

Tuesday, August 08, 2017 (16:46:34)
AXIOM Cloud will Offer Data Extraction for Cloud-Based Services

AXIOM to Become the Most Comprehensive, Integrated Digital Investigation Platform

Magnet Forensics, a global leader in developing forensic software for digital examinations, has announced it will add support for cloud evidence recovery and examination as a standalone product or an add-on to its premier platform Magnet AXIOM. Magnet AXIOM will now be the most comprehensive, integrated investigative platform for digital forensics.

The addition of cloud as a source for evidence will allow examiners to gather all digital evidence associated with a case and examine it all-in-one, integrated together, whether the evidence lived on a smartphone, the cloud, a computer, a USB drive, other removable media, or even IoT-related devices.

Physical Imaging Of A Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone Running Android 7.0

Tuesday, August 08, 2017 (14:12:38)
by Oleg Skulkin & Igor Shorokhov

The release of Android Nougat has brought new challenges to mobile forensic examiners: the smartphones running this version most likely have encrypted partitions with users’ data, their bootloaders are locked and classic custom recovery acquisition, which is widely used especially for Samsung smartphones, may not work anymore. But thankfully, things are not always this bad for the examiners. From time to time we find some interesting and original ways to extract data on the physical level from the smartphones we examine. And of course it’s very important to share the knowledge, so we decided to show you a way to perform a physical acquisition of a Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone running Android 7.0.

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Digital Forensics as a Big Data Challenge

Monday, August 07, 2017 (14:17:44)
by Alessandro Guarino, StudioAG

Digital Forensics, as a science and part of the forensic sciences, is facing new challenges that may well render established models and practices obsolete. The dimensions of potential digital evidence supports has grown exponentially, be it hard disks in desktops and laptops or solid state memories in mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, even while latency times lag behind. Cloud services are now sources of potential evidence in a vast range of investigations and network traffic also follows a growing trend, and in cyber security the necessity of sifting through vast amount of data quickly is now paramount. On a higher level investigations – and intelligence analysis – can profit from sophisticated analysis of such datasets as social network structures, corpora of text to be analysed for authorship and attribution.

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Interview With Amber Schroader, CEO & Founder, Paraben

Thursday, August 03, 2017 (11:56:11)
Amber, you're the Founder and CEO of Paraben. What first drove you to start the company?

I had been in the digital forensics space for over 10 years prior to Paraben doing digital forensics. When I first started Paraben, it was a shareware company and when I took over as CEO, we moved to be a digital forensics company since that was my background. This space was always the one I wanted to develop tools for; it is the closest I can get to being Wonder Woman.

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Oxygen Forensics Discovers Method To Extract Data From Locked Motorola Devices

Thursday, July 27, 2017 (12:34:04)
Oxygen Forensics, a worldwide developer, and provider of advanced forensic data examination tools for mobile devices and cloud services, released version 9.4.2 of its flagship Oxygen Forensic Detective product today and is the first forensics company to give forensic professionals the added functionality of extracting data from locked Motorola devices.

Magnet AXIOM 1.1.3 Now Available With Enhanced Mobile Acquisition

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 (18:04:45)
Magnet AXIOM 1.1.3 not only makes it easier for users to acquire and process images from mobile devices, but also brings improvements to reporting capabilities — making the experience an even smoother one for stakeholders to use the evidence presented to them in their investigations.

Find out more about what’s included in Magnet AXIOM 1.1.3.

Laminar Flow Cabinets And Data Recovery

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 (14:48:47)
In the previous article we wrote about Laminar Flow Cabinets and their basic definition.

We also introduced our product – HDDS Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet M.

The laminar cabinet engine draws air from the environment and directs it to the space where the filter is, which can be HEPA or ULPA. These filters have efficiency for stopping the particles with a diameter greater than 3 microns.

Laminarity, i.e. the rectilinear parallel air flow at all points is provided by the perforated sheet that lies in front of the filter.

Paraben’s IoT Support Increases To Cover The Amazon Echo With 1.4 Version

Tuesday, July 25, 2017 (14:58:42)
Paraben has been at the edge of innovation with the addition of support for IoT devices. Support started in Oct 2016 with DJI Drones support, and has increased with support for Android wearables, Fitbit, and Xbox gaming systems. With the 1.4 release of the E3 platform planned for the first of August 2017, the support of IoT devices will grow with Paraben releasing the first support for the Amazon Echo devices.

“The support of these devices was crucial because of how foundational the Echo technology is in IoT devices. Over 8 million people now own an Amazon Echo device; Alexa is here to stay. We needed to make sure we supported not only the local smartphone App, but also dealing with the data in the cloud.” commented Amber Schroader, CEO of Paraben. Paraben has always had a unique approach focusing on areas that not every digital forensic software company noticed.