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Paraben Releases Version 1.5 Of The E3 Platform With New iOS 11 And Chrome

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 (11:27:32)
Breaking the Boundaries of Digital Data

Paraben has released the latest version of the E3 Platform, a universal system for the examination of digital evidence. The E3 Platform was designed to deal with all types of digital evidence from computers to mobiles to the new area of IoT devices. The 1.5 version of the platform includes updates for all the Paraben tools that include features such as:

• Ability to parse Bookmarks data in Chrome and enhancements to Chrome processing.
Mobile Data Acquisition/Parsing Changes:
• The new Mobile Excel Spreadsheet report has been added for E3 mobile cases.
• E3 mobile data cases processing performance has been improved.
• Ability to acquire iOS devices with encrypted backups has been added.
• Detection of Android apps installation source for the most popular stores has been added.
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Interview With Raahat Devender Singh, Research Scholar, Panjab University

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 (10:18:44)
Raahat, tell us a bit about yourself and your background. What does a day in your life look like?

Well, I’m a PhD research scholar, currently working in Panjab University, Chandigarh, India. I’m actually writing my thesis these days! I have an academic background (bachelor's, master's, PhD… the usual).

A typical day in my life consists of research, more research, writing about the research, some more research, and talking to other colleagues about their research (boring… I know!). I do however enjoy several other non-research related pursuits, but I guess I’ll mention those in the response to the final question.

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Interview With Jessica Hyde, Director Of Forensics, Magnet

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 (12:57:02)
Jessica, can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you do?

Sure. My name is Jessica Hyde. I’m the Director of Forensics at Magnet Forensics, USA. I also am an adjunct professor at George Mason University, where I teach mobile device forensics in the Computer Forensics program.

My background is I started off in the Marine Corps, and I served six years there, discovered that I really liked engineering, went after an engineering degree, and then when I went into the workforce I actually started doing work in a reverse engineering lab, which led to doing mobile forensics, which led to me deciding to study computer forensics and get a Master’s in computer forensics. While I was working in mobile forensics, I was specializing in devices that were damaged, so I was doing chip off and JTAG on almost everything I saw every day. So I really got to do a lot of low-level forensics – parsing, raw hex, and proprietary file systems in the beginning.

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Belkasoft CyberMonday Offer

Monday, November 27, 2017 (10:15:15)
CyberMonday Deal from Belkasoft!

Download the new version 8.6 of Belkasoft Evidence Center and learn about Secret Deal!

More details: https://belkasoft.com/cyber.

Interview With Kyung-Su Lee, Chief Technology Officer, HancomGMD

Friday, November 24, 2017 (09:46:13)
Tell us about your role - what does a day in your life look like?

As a head of research (CTO) at HancomGMD, I’m in charge of R&D and development organization management. Checking the progress of development, managing technology issues, and responding to customer service requests are the daily rounds of my work life. HancomGMD is in the digital forensics industry, where the importance of product quality assurance cannot be overemphasized. That’s why I am also in charge of the quality management team to thoroughly perform quality assurance, aside from being the director of research.

Since customer satisfaction is the first priority, HancomGMD always values customer feedback when developing a product. As a visionary CTO, I focus my energy on offering a way forward for the future to accelerate the development of the industry-leading product integrated with new technology which can cover global trends before anyone else.

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Digital Forensics News November 2017

Thursday, November 23, 2017 (13:01:18)
Belkasoft have updated Belkasoft Evidence Center 2018 to offer live memory analysis and malware detection, and enhancing support for Android physical acquisition.

Angus Marshall at the University of York, UK has recently put together a survey for digital forensics tool developers and is looking for respondents.

HancomGMD have launched MD-LIVE, a live data extraction and analysis solution.

AccessData's AD Lab is the first product to be available in a cloud-based environment.

ATLAS from Magnet Forensics is designed to bring together digital evidence management into one solution.

The call for papers for DFRWS USA 2018 is now available.
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MD-RED, Mobile Forensic Software For Data Analysis

Thursday, November 23, 2017 (11:22:14)
MD-RED is the mobile forensic analysis software supporting the decryption, recovery, advanced filtering, visualization and reporting of the mobile device data image extracted with MD-NEXT or other extraction tools. The analysis software can help forensics examiners, investigators and corporate auditors to find out digital artifacts faster and exactly. The forensic reports are used for the investigation of crimes and accidents. Also, the analysis scripts of latest mobile apps are quickly updated by continuous research.

Paraben E3 Platform Highlights-Cloud Data & OCR Data

Wednesday, November 22, 2017 (08:12:36)
Universal Data Analysis with E3

Paraben has highlighted some unique features in their E3 Forensic Platform from their recent free short training videos. Each of these short trainings can be found on the Paraben YouTube channel: ParabenForensics.

The first of the quick trainings was about case comparison and the validation process using this function. Paraben’s latest edition to the quick trainings focuses on cloud data and the value of this new frontier of information that exist. Paraben showcases how to import cloud data from Facebook, Gmail, Amazon Alexa, Google Locations, and Google Drive from both iOS and Android devices. In this video short, Amber Schroader demonstrates how to pull data from the cloud, whether it is an iOS or Android device. She will display how to import the data for your analysis and caution you to make sure you that you are following the local legal rules for working with cloud data.
  • Posted by: Shan
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BlackLight 2017 R1 Is Now Available

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 (13:44:15)
BlackBag® Technologies is pleased to announce this year's major release of BlackLight®, their comprehensive Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad and Mac forensic analysis software. Update your software or renew your license!

To make casework easier, BlackLight 2017 R1 features include:

-Export media to LACE, C4ALL, and Project VIC formats for further analysis
-Support for EML formatted email files, included on the easy Communication view
-Identify ‘Recent’ documents and applications from Mac OS 10.11 and 10.12
-Latest phones and operating systems, including iPhone 8, iOS 11 and Android 8.0

Learn more about the latest BlackLight release.

Interview With Glen Dario Rodriguez And Fernando Molina, Researchers

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 (11:10:57)
Tell us a bit about your backgrounds and how you came to be interested in digital forensics.

Fernando: I work as a computer expert and teacher in the computer area. In my work experience, I have found that digital forensics is a pending issue. Additionally, there is the global phenomenon of continuous growth of cybercrime, the high number of trials where digital evidence is not admitted due to erroneous manipulation or technological change, as well as a personnal commitment to improve delivery of justice; those are factors that motivate a deeper study on techniques, processes and models that collaborate with digital forensics.

Glen: My original background is wireless communication research. I did my PhD on propagation of 3G mobile communications. An important issue in the wireless industry is security of communications. After a few years, I began to move slowly onto the wireless and network security area, protocols, etc. When Fernando began his PhD, he asked me to become his research advisor, and he proposed to research in the area of digital forensics and management of evidence. Then I clearly saw the need to address it and accepted his proposal.

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