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Atola Technology Sets A New Bar For Acquisition Tools With Atola TaskForce

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 (07:39:41)
Today Atola Technology announced the launch of Atola TaskForce, the next generation of evidence acquisition tools. Having optimized its imaging algorithm in 2016 to match maximum speeds drives operate at, Atola now presents a system that further solves the market’s number one issue: time required for evidence acquisition. TaskForce’s robust hardware, which includes multi-core Xeon CPU, supports 8+ concurrent imaging sessions at overall speed of 15 TB/hour.

“We are thrilled to have beaten our own speed record,” says CEO Dmitry Postrigan. “Our previous flagship product, Atola Insight Forensic acquired up to 1.8 TB/hour, which secured its place as the most efficient forensic imager in the world. With Atola TaskForce, our clients are able to image up to 15 TB/hour when running 8 or more concurrent imaging sessions, and it makes this device a uniquely fast and mighty acquisition tool. Certainly, our signature damaged drives capability is supported in this tool”.
  • Posted by: Yulia
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Forensic Focus Forum Round-Up

Tuesday, May 15, 2018 (12:11:12)
Welcome to this month’s round-up of recent posts to the Forensic Focus forums.

Is it possible to wipe BitLocker encrypted USB drives? Add your thoughts on the forum.

Forum members help jblakley to recover Gmail artifacts.

Would you be interested in speaking at a digital forensics conference in the US?

Do you have any advice for a member who is worried about anti-forensics in the cloud?

Have you moved into a digital forensics position in the UK, from the USA? Share your advice on the forum.
  • Posted by: scar
  • Topic: News
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Searching And Filtering Emails when Forensically Collecting Mailboxes

Friday, May 11, 2018 (12:07:41)
by Arman Gungor

When mailboxes are forensically preserved for eDiscovery or digital forensic investigations, their contents are almost always searched and filtered. Filtering emails helps overcome time, scope and cost constraints and alleviates privacy concerns.

There are two main ways of filtering emails—before and after the forensic acquisition. Each method has its pros and cons, which we will discuss here.

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  • Posted by: scar
  • Topic: News
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  • (1130 reads)

Mobile Forensics - Advanced Investigative Strategies

Thursday, May 10, 2018 (08:57:38)
by Oleg Afonin & Vladimir Katalov

Reviewed by Scar de Courcier, Forensic Focus

Mobile forensics is a growing subsection of digital forensic investigation. With the proliferation of devices, applications and operating systems available nowadays, it's increasingly becoming a vital and complex field. The skillset needed to accurately acquire evidence from mobile devices may seem dauntingly wide-ranging, especially when so many of us are dealing with backlogs in the first place. How are we supposed to keep up to date with this ever-evolving challenge?

Luckily we have books like this to help us out.

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  • Posted by: scar
  • Topic: News
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Interview With Jim Kent, CEO & Co-Founder, Black Rainbow

Wednesday, May 09, 2018 (10:51:58)
Jim, you're CEO & Co-Founder at Black Rainbow. Tell us a bit about the company and its aims.

BlackRainbow design and build off-the-shelf and bespoke software solutions for the security industry. We're trusted advisors to corporate and government sectors, leading the way in forensic & investigation case management, orchestration, quality management systems (QMS) and intelligence generation. We provide modular capabilities that build to nationally deployed systems supporting multiple policing, CT and military forces simultaneously.

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  • Posted by: scar
  • Topic: News
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AccessData Releases New Version Of AD Enterprise

Tuesday, May 08, 2018 (15:43:20)
Software product for managing forensic investigations across the enterprise, featuring new enhanced post-breach analysis capabilities, is the only tool to collect all complex data types at the endpoint.

Using Technology To Get Results: Think Outside The Silo

Monday, May 07, 2018 (10:35:35)
by Johann Hofmann, Griffeye

In an article series of three, published in the Interpol Newsletter, Griffeye explores the possibilities of technology in digital media investigations. In this second article, Johann Hofmann, Director & Head of Griffeye, talks about the limitations for investigators working in silos.

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  • Posted by: scar
  • Topic: News
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Now Released: XRY 7.7.1, Plus Kiosk And Tablet 7.7.1

Friday, May 04, 2018 (08:38:08)
New XRY 7.7.1 is now available, featuring support for GrayKey extractions of iPhones and iOS devices. Plus support for 107 new app versions and 81 new device profiles.

Cross-Geographic Open Source Investigations

Friday, April 27, 2018 (14:57:54)
When it comes to online investigations, a lot of open source intelligence (OSINT) can be – and usually is – gathered via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and Instagram. But in addition to these global giants, every country has its own little treasure trove of slightly less conspicuous and often very useful local information sources. You just have to know where to look.

By Christian Berg, CEO at Paliscope (peer company to Griffeye).

Magnet AXIOM 2.0 Is Here To Provide A Better Investigative Starting Point

Friday, April 27, 2018 (09:28:27)
Magnet Forensics is proud to unveil Magnet AXIOM 2.0 — the fastest and most advanced version of AXIOM yet. With AXIOM 2.0, users will not only have a way to acquire, analyze, and report on evidence from the most sources, they’ll have a better way to see the data and to jump right into the evidence. Read more about these exciting features below and watch a quick overview of what’s included in this great new release.