Logicube Announces Networkable Digital Forensic Storage Solution

Logicube® Inc. has announced a new addition to its line of forensic data capture solutions. The MPFS™ (Massive Portable Forensic Storage) solution is the first storage device designed specifically for the digital forensic market. The MPFS provides up to 8TB … Read more

Logicube® Acquires Intellectual Property For Celldek Technology

Logicube® Inc. has announced that it has acquired the intellectual property of the CellDEK™ technology. Logicube and the Forensic Science Service developed two products around the CellDEK technology; CellDEK (launched in 2005) and CellDEK TEK (launched in 2007). Both products, … Read more

Logicube Launches New Forensic Quest Data Capture Solution

Logicube® Inc. will debut its completely re-designed Forensic Quest®, at the TechnoSecurity 2009 Conference and Expo in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this week. Users can now capture and authenticate hard drives at speeds approaching 6GB/min and the new touch screen … Read more

Logicube Announces Support for E01 Evidence File Format on Dossier

Logicube® Inc. has announced that the company’s premier data capture solution, the Forensic Dossier®, will provide support for the EnCase® evidence file format, E01. The Dossier is the first hardware-based data capture solution to provide support of this widely-used forensic … Read more