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PeerLab review

Reviewed by Jonathan Krause.


You’re probably aware by now that peer-to-peer (P2P) networks are a pretty successful and popular method of distributing data over the internet. It’s easy to see why; the client software that the end user installs can be very small, simple to use, and more often than not works like a charm. It’ll usually download a file from multiple locations ensuring high download speeds, will immediately make the file available for upload to others, will deal with missing chunks of data and dropped connections and when it’s finished downloading every piece of the file it’ll make a contiguous usable file from all the data chunks, all without any centralised management system. Brilliant. Which makes me wonder why P2P appears to be used almost exclusively to distribute contraband material and hardly ever as way to distribute legitimate files.   more ...


Image MASSter Solo-4 Forensic

Image MASSter Solo-4 Forensic
Reviewed by Jonathan Krause of Forensic Control.

Here’s two things you can be sure of; hard drives will constantly increase in capacity and the requirement to finish the job as soon as possible at minimum cost will be an ever present. So any device which may result in being able to complete our tasks quicker has got to be worth a closer look. Creating forensic images is the foundation of our work, but let’s face it, is pretty boring and even worse, dependent on where it’s being done, can be actively hostile. Happily, there’ve been some recent developments in the field of imaging, with the all-in-one devices of the Image MASSter Solo 4 Forensic and the Logicube Forensic Dossier being released, and on the software side Tableau’s and Guidance’s latest imaging software have been launched, both taking advantage of multi-core processors to help expedite the imaging process.   more ...