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Martin Westman, Product Specialist, MSAB

Friday December 20, 2019 (18:05:32)   (2272 Reads)
Martin Westman
Martin, you've worked for MSAB for 15 years. What changes in mobile forensics stand out to you from that time?

The most important one during this 15-year period would be the introduction of actual smartphones, because they were the biggest game changer when they came out in terms of being adopted as fast as they were. If we look back even 10 years ago -- not in the U.S. but here in Europe -- it was about 90 percent Nokias and some other models, and Nokia is long gone now. They were making smartphones, but nobody really understood how to use them, and then of course Apple and Google came along and changed that.   more ...


Robert O'Leary, Head Of Investigations For USG & Corporate, Nuix

Friday December 20, 2019 (17:46:30)   (1730 Reads)
Robert O'Leary
Robert, your career in digital forensics began in the industry's infancy. What first brought you to high tech crimes with the New Jersey State Police?

I worked undercover narcotics investigations and I worked in a narcotic trafficking interdiction unit in the New Jersey State Police. Most, if not all, of the people we arrested for narcotics possession, distribution and trafficking had stolen, cloned or burner cell phones on them at the time of the arrest. Those phones generally went into an evidence bag and were never examined. I wanted to examine those phones for evidence or intelligence in our investigations. At the time, my wife worked for Bell Atlantic and we were at her office Christmas party. Her boss was a VP and told me if I ever needed anything to let him know. I took that opportunity to explain the challenge I had with the cell phones we seized.   more ...


Stefano Bianchi, Amped Software

Thursday December 19, 2019 (16:23:42)   (1580 Reads)
Stefano Bianchi
Stefano, tell us about your multiple roles as Trainer, Software Developer and Technical Support at Amped. What does a typical workday look like for you?

My workday is quite unpredictable so this question is rather hard to answer! My day can be divided into slots: I dedicate a slot to development, a slot to training and another slot to technical support. Depending on the day, the order and size of these slots change.

What's your favorite aspect of each role?

As a developer, the best advantage is to be able to look at and improve the products we use: it’s just like driving a car and having the possibility to always take a look inside the engine to see what happens in detail and also use my hands to make it run better. This helps me to learn something new every time and to have a deeper understanding of the software itself.   more ...


Vico Marziale, Senior Digital Forensics Researcher, BlackBag Technologies

Wednesday December 18, 2019 (20:29:33)   (1022 Reads)
Vico Marziale
Dr. Marziale, you've been with BlackBag for four years as a senior researcher. What does your day-to-day look like in this role?

Well, I work from home in the beautiful French Quarter in New Orleans, so my office has a great view. And I’m a coffee nerd so I have a whole table of toys – scale, temperature-controlled kettle, AeroPress, grinder, freshly roasted beans etc., to make amazing coffee. These are some of the things that make spending days at a time staring at a hex editor trying to “beautiful mind” some sensible structure in a binary mess workable. I spend a lot of time doing that.   more ...


Jessica Hyde, Magnet Forensics And Vitaliy Mokosiy, Atola Technology

Wednesday December 18, 2019 (20:00:35)   (1447 Reads)
Jessica Hyde and Vitaliy Mokosiy
Jessica, Magnet AUTOMATE allows examiners to focus less on repeatable evidence processing and more on actual analysis and review of evidence. On November 6, Magnet Forensics released the new version of Magnet AUTOMATE, the key feature of which is the integration of Atola TaskForce into its workflow. How does the integration of TaskForce enhance your product?

Jessica: We are excited about the release of AUTOMATE 2.0, with the highlight being the integration of Atola TaskForce. In a world where data volumes will continue to increase, it is important to have solutions to deal with the time it takes to image and process the content. From there, digital forensic examiners can focus on their exams and get to that data more quickly.   more ...