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Nigel McKelvey, Lecturer in Computing, Letterkenny Institute of Technology

Wednesday February 19, 2014 (16:43:23)   (3487 Reads)
Nigel McKelvey
Nigel, you’re currently a Lecturer in Computing at Letterkenny Institute of Technology. Could you tell us more about the role and what prompted you to enter academia?

I was always interested in academia from a very early age – I remember distinctly my primary school teacher telling my mother at a parents/teacher meeting that I would become a Professor! I had no idea what it was – but thought – fair enough, I’ll aim for that! As I got older, I became increasingly interested in technology so decided to pursue a graduate and post graduate in the area of Computing. With academia/lecturing always in my mind, I felt it important to gain industry experience in the field in order to bring some sense of credibility to my lectures. I had an incredible experience as a software developer and project lead – I travelled the world and got to work on some fantastic projects.   more ...


Andrew Rector, Digital Forensics Student, Bloomsburg University

Monday February 10, 2014 (16:20:19)   (4889 Reads)
Andrew Rector
Andrew, you’re currently studying Digital Forensics at Bloomsburg University. Could you tell us more about the course and what drew you to it?

Digital Forensics is the acquisition and analysis of any digital medium for the purpose of finding and reporting evidence to Government agencies, police, and/or private contractors. At Bloomsburg University we are taught first to have a low-level understanding of what we will be looking at (Binary/Hexadecimal, File System Analysis, and Windows Artifacts), and then we are taught how to use our skills to do real Forensics cases using the prevalent Digital Forensics tools (FTK, EnCase, X-Ways). What really drew me to Digital Forensics the most was the investigative mindset you have to have. When you are doing a case, it’s almost like a chess match between you and the “bad guy”. For me, that’s very exciting, every case is different, and has its own brand of excitement.   more ...



Carole Phillips, Trustee, BulliesOut

Monday October 07, 2013 (03:24:01)   (4189 Reads)
Carole Phillips
Carole, you're currently a trustee for BulliesOut. How did you become involved with the charity?

I first heard of BulliesOut through being involved in the charity Children in Wales and contacted the CEO, Linda James, via LinkedIn. We met as I was interested in what the charity did and what involvement the charity had with schools and other professionals working with young people. I was impressed with the dedication of Linda and her desire to get the message out there to young people that no-one has to put up with bullying. The charity looks at all aspects of bullying, working with the bully as well as the victim and also the bystanders who have a crucial role to play. BulliesOut operates in other countries as well as the UK but it was encouraging to learn that it is a Wales based charity and one that is well respected. I was asked to become a Trustee, and although I was not sure what being a Trustee involved, I was happy to join the team. I promote the charity as much as I can with other professionals and young people and although my time is limited due to working full-time and my University studies, I do what I can.   more ...


John Huperetes, Senior Forensics Instructor

Thursday September 26, 2013 (19:11:51)   (3864 Reads)
John Huperetes is a sub-contractor to the US Department of Defense and any views herein do not represent those of his contractor or of the DoD.

John, please tell us about your current role.

I am contracted to be "senior forensics instructor" and assist in developing and delivering cyber investigation training courses for DoD organizations, Defense Criminal Investigative Organizations (DCIO), military counterintelligence agencies, and law enforcement organizations.

This gives me the opportunity to review and sometimes experiment with bleeding edge digital forensics, and transfer the acquired knowledge to others.   more ...


Jacopo (forum member 'jaclaz')

Thursday September 12, 2013 (15:18:06)   (12804 Reads)
Jacopo, you’re currently a freelance technical consultant. Could you tell us a bit more about what the job entails, and how you got into it?

It is difficult to describe the kind of activities I am involved with as there is no simple definition of them.

I worked for twenty years in one of the (at the time) top thirty construction firms in Italy, being involved - at various levels - in all kinds of construction and building projects, from roads/highways to railways and from civil to industrial buildings, both in Italy and abroad. Then, around ten years ago, a number of reasons prompted me to become "freelance".   more ...