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2 FTK Dongles for sale

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I have two expired FTK dongles that I am selling for $750 each (or best offer).

They both expired a few years ago, but I contacted Access Data and was told the following

"The short answer to renew these licenses would be $3000 each. Expired licenses are subject to reinstatement fees (RI fees). Reinstatement fees are $280 per expired month. A new license of FTK for the first year costs $5114. The RI fees alone on those two licenses would be much, much higher than purchasing a new license of FTK. However, we are able to waive the RI fees if you do a 3-year renewal. The cost for a 3-year renewal is about $3000 for each license. The new 3-year SMS would begin the month that the renewal is executed."

Please contact me via email to purchase (mjantal-*at*-gmail-*dot*-com).

Topic starter Posted : 24/08/2017 12:49 pm