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EnCase upgrades

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After 10 years of Digital Forensics at work, I'm looking around for EnCase software/hardware solutions for possible contract work in the next few years but want to continue practising at home.
Do any of you know the full extent to Guidance Software's upgrade program/system for EnCase?

Can I buy an old V5 and upgrade to V7?

I still feel that V8 has changed too much with the interface and colours etc…slows me down, I prefer V7.

Has Guidance forced yearly fees to analysts who still just want to use V7?

I suspect this SMS fee is just a yearly software update/management fee…why wouldn't we just use EnCase 7 without yearly updates…especially to try to save up cash in the beginning of a new business?
Thanks for any feedback you all can provide.

Topic starter Posted : 27/07/2017 9:38 pm
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I think for the short term you can certainly use the last version of 7 and be ok. Problem comes in that over time the lack of updates will become increasingly limiting. Also, it could potentially be a stumbling block in court that you are not using the most current version. You can see how it could be damaging to have to answer "yes" to the question that the version you used had been out of support for "x" numbers of years.

You can update an older dongle to current, but the price goes up depending on how far out of date it is. I've been in your shoes and it is hard to spend your hard earned money on SMS, but Encase isn't so bad in that respect any longer.

Posted : 13/08/2017 8:10 pm