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Good morning. Quick question on Hardware

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I work for a small agency but complete forensics not only our department but the entire county.

Right now I am using a " souped " up HP Laptop etc. I was wondering if anyone has tried a Xplore iX104XC6 tablet for forensics ? IF so how would you rate it.

Just looking for feedback. I would like to get ahold of something that is easier to transport and use other than this laptop.

Thank You

Topic starter Posted : 12/06/2018 1:00 pm
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Can you provide the specs for the computer?

No idea what it is, but from a baseline (for me personally), I would start with a machine that has multiple cores (i7 or similar), 16GB RAM or better, SSD hard drive with USB3.0 ports.

This is where I would start and personalize from there. This is enough to perform most imaging and do baseline-to-moderate analysis work depending on the tools you run.

Others here may have very different thoughts, but if you're new to forensics, then you don't need the fastest machine ever, just get a quality one that fits your needs.

It really depends on what you plan to do with it though.

Posted : 12/06/2018 2:26 pm
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May be the article will be helpful for you.
Creating a digital forensic laboratory tips and tricks

Posted : 12/06/2018 4:18 pm