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portable forensic machine for sale  

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I've got a custom built portable forensic unit for sale.

Basic specs:

FIC motherboard, p4, 800fsb, 2 ddr400 memory slots, onboard SATA, Firewire, intel graphics, network, 8x agp, 3 pci slots (micro atx), etc. P4, 2.8 ghz processor (p4, 800mhz fsb)
1 gb samsung ddr 400 memory (2x512mb)
80gb seagate SATA hard drive
NEC dvd +/- r/rw, cd r/rw drive, I had to cut a hole in the left side of the box for the tray to open through. It ended up looking and working pretty good.
Thermaltake quiet power supply, 420 watts (it's really quiet, even with the box open, and it has to be, it's much quieter than my gateway laptop)
ATI radeon 9600 agp graphics card, disabled the onboard graphics
Microsoft intellimouse wireless explorer, Nice mouse, has the scroll wheel that also tilts side to side, ideal for encase and working with the columns. Grandtec mini virtually indestructable keyboard, rolls up and fits in the box when traveling.
The monitor is a NEC lcd51v. (15")

This is all house in a hardigg storm case (like pelican). Very robust and completely upgradable. I'll sell it for $1650. I'll install any operating system you want for actual cost of the license only.

Pictures available on request.

Posted : 18/09/2004 4:08 am
Junior Member

Lets see the pix, I am really interested to see what you did.

Posted : 21/09/2004 7:16 am
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If anyone wants pictures let me know and I'll forward them. I can't post them to this board and don't use a hosting service.

Posted : 21/09/2004 2:35 pm
New Member

I am interesting. Please send me a email with detailed information & Pic.

my email address is:
[email protected]

Posted : 22/09/2004 12:16 pm