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Dear All,

Hope you are doing well, I am currently doing research for acquiring a product but confused which one to buy FALCON NEO or Tableau kit kindly suggest which one is best on the field.

Thank you

Topic starter Posted : 29/04/2019 12:36 pm
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Hi aly786,

First of all i would like to say that the competitor of Falcon NEO would be the Tableau TX1. I have never used the TX1 but used the TD3 Tableau (his predecessor).

I would suggest to go with the Falcon NEO, 9 out of 10 time we use the NEO because it it reliable, stable and get the job done fast.

Now you seem to ask between the Falcon NEO and a kit of some Tableau products (T8U, T7U, T35U, T9 and maybe the T35U-RW). I used both and in my opinion both of those products are good in their area. The Falcon NEO is able to make network acquisition, wiping and imaging drive (multiple at a time) and many other great tings. It is a standalone tool with a touchscreen and you do not need a pc to operate it. The Tableau Kit lack an touch interface and those functions, but gain in portability. You will need a pc and other software to make full usage of those.

Both are good on the field for different purposes. But if you have one choice to make i would go with the Falcon Neo.


Posted : 15/05/2019 2:38 pm
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Thank you for your response marky.mark

Topic starter Posted : 16/05/2019 6:52 am