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Forgive me if this was a previously posted topic but I haven't been able to find any info.  Is anyone using an Apple iMAC with windows to run FTK, Magnet Axiom, Oxygen, Cellebrite, etc?   Any bugs or reasons not to do it?  Better yet, any comments that the software runs better on an Apple?

Topic starter Posted : 21/02/2021 6:15 am
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Don't see any reason why it can't be done. Though I know ages ago there was some weird issues with VFC and mac devices but I'm sure this was sorted.

Can't see any good reason to do it either, unless you had a device forfeited or donated and you didn't get a choice.

For whatever you paid for an iMac, you could get a better machine and just used that instead.

Posted : 22/02/2021 12:52 pm
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The new Macs are using the M1 ARM based chip. While there is an ARM version of Windows, it is still pretty broken. If you are thinking about doing this, it is bleeding edge and you are asking for compatibly issues.

The older x86 Macs are better (for compatibility). But if you are thinking of running it in a VM there might still be issues around hardware acceleration for graphics cards (e.g. password cracking). I'd ask the vendor if they support the platform before doing it.

Posted : 03/05/2021 5:51 am
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I run my mac with boot camp to do in field extractions and examinations using Cellebrite.

My Mac has and Intel I9 and therefore is more compatible.

It does do a few random "buggy" thing or two on boot up sometimes but other than that has worked well.

Biggest issue is lack of storage on the SSD since you have to partition it off, I just keep a large external HDD and USB hub with me.

For the Apple partition I use Blacklight, which has now been bought by Cellebrite.....

Posted : 05/05/2021 5:00 pm