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Animetrics ForensicaGPS for face comparison tasks ?  

Senior Member

Does anybody have experience with Animetrics ForensicaGPS ? They do not give trials now, only web demo is possible, but that is not the same as actually trying the software.

We usually do mobile forensics, not face comparison or face recognition tasks. Any experience or feedback related to ForensicaGPS is much appreciated.

If somebody has other suggestions for face comparison forensics software, feel free to message me as well.

Posted : 29/06/2016 11:13 pm
Senior Member

I give some more details about my task, maybe somebody has suggestions on how to this forensically the best.

A security camera from gas station captured a car theft, the video is not the best quality and from the view angle the thief's face can be seen around 45-50%, the left side only. The contractor LE provided around 100 driving license or ID card pictures of possible persons.

The task is to compare forensically the face seen on the security camera videos against the pictures provided and give a percentage result for each of them, trying to figure the best match.

Since we mostly do mobile forensics, but this is a nested case where the face comparison should be solved by us as well, any guidelines are welcome.

Posted : 30/06/2016 5:29 pm