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AXIOM Portable Case Maintaining Profiles/Keywords  

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We're attempting to the AXIOM Portable case feature with a client so that can easily review a large set of documents however when we've exported out portable case on just the documents section none of the keywords or profiles we'd created have been exported with them.

Is it possible to include that data in a Portable Case?

Posted : 20/08/2018 12:10 pm
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I don't believe keyword lists and profiles get carried over with the portable case. It should just include tags and comments along with the artifact content and metadata. I'll see if we can include that in the future, profiles should be pretty easy to include, I'll pass on the request. In the meantime

To get the keyword/profile data over there you could do 1 of 2 things
1) If there are a lot of hits you want to copy over, you could just copy the entire case over to them instead of creating the portable case and the keywords and profiles would be included there. Down side is that it's the whole case.
2) If there aren't too many, just tag/bookmark the keyword and profile hits you want to move over and then it will be included. Down side is that it adds an extra step for you to tag the hits.

Either method should work for now, I'll pass on the suggestion to add the other stuff to a portable case.

Magnet Forensics

Posted : 20/08/2018 4:26 pm
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Thanks for passing that suggestion on, once I'd looked at it again the profiles had carried over they just didn't have any associated identifiers to function.

So I found a work around where if I export the artefacts I want and select the identifiers by shift clicking on them (From the left hand navigation menu) they'll be include in the portable case and then I can re-run the keywords. It is a few extra steps so far it seems to have worked.

Posted : 20/08/2018 4:37 pm