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Best application for eDiscovery of OCS/Lync/Skype chats  

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Hey everyone, new to the space and was asked to find an application/platform/suite of tools for eDiscovery of Microsoft OCS/Lync/Skype chats. Specifically discovery of these chats from the back end archiving SQL database of these platforms and not necessarily from an endpoint. Is there an industry standard best of breed? Or can you recommend some good options? Thanks.

Posted : 24/02/2018 12:22 am
Active Member

If its in the retention policy for eDiscovery, why not have it preserved in the Exchange database? Powershell or other available tools can pull the mailbox for preservation or review. MS has a built in tool for this within the Exchange server tools.

if you're looking for a suite or platform, what else do you want it to do than pull data? Index? review? dedupe? etc….

Posted : 26/02/2018 3:24 pm
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jpickens is correct, easiest way is hook it in through Exchange and have all the conversations saved in the Conversations folder in the user's OST or on the server itself. Otherwise you'll definitely be missing stuff that the user doesn't explicitly save. We'll parse and carve OCS/Lync/Skype For Business from the computer or memory but again, from an ED perspective there are better ways if you can control the Exchange policies.

Jamie McQuaid
Magnet Forensics

Posted : 26/02/2018 3:37 pm